This set is randomly for @charcharr because she's always so sweet. I'm finally getting over my flu & I haven't been able to really get my head into the set-making groove but seeing her amazing sets has inspired me.
I had forgotten how calming cropped sets are. This one is simple but I had fun making it which I haven't been able to say about my other sets.
I may take a break from fashion sets for a while & go back to cropped even though most of the people following me now are ones who prefer my fashion sets. 
It's weird seeing my cropped sets get like 40 likes when they used to get 80 or so. But I've never been focused much on likes or faves. I just enjoy making sets (:

My mini taglist;

-Juli xo
P.S. I will be using my brand new tag list starting tomorrow, so if you want to be added to it, please check this set out

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