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hellooo everyone,
i'm feeling better today. and been watching nice movies with mum. and also cook this cheesy macaroni with some sausages which is too perfect to be described. 

i'm not really sure about ghostbusters movie and hint unpopular opinion hint i just think that fob song for the movie's soundtrack is just weird?? idk maybe that song will prolly grew on me. like this song by 5sos. it really grows on me and its so catchy haha. throwback to the days i made 5sos related sets lol:
thATS TOO MUCH IM SORRY MY FRIEND. that calum set though omF. he still looks adorable now so yeah whatever. i used to be a die hard fan i got so mad when i knew luke dating arzaylea lmao what happened to me now are u ok nadia

i didn't tag my taglists on my last set because i just don't feel like doing it. and oh thanks to @heartbreakmotel for her suggestion to name my fem turtle!! i told my lil brother to named her "fizz" as in milo and fizz from tweenies lol and he said its cool so yay :D

10k more to 200k followers wOW honestly what did i do to deserve all of you you sweet and kind and such a cutie followers (;へ: )
always been thankful for those who keep commenting on my set and answering my qotd even though its boring lol
and also to those who always been liking my sets even though they're ugly (  ;∀;)
(these emoticons are 2 cute 2 handle i'm sorry)

have a good day/night u lil peaches

stay fab

comment thing(s) that makes u happy ♡
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