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Storyboard for The Rose Court Apartments. It's a bit rushed so that I can get it done tonight, but I kinda like it. I've been looking at everyone's models as they come in but probably forgot so if there are double ups let me know. Not that I'll use most of them (especially the family) in sets, their just head reference things. sorry

name: Ivy Tailor
age: 24
style: Bright colours, statement pieces, shoes are often a focus of her outfits, crispy, clean and structured.
bio: Ivy is an extremely bright girl. She grew up in a happy, quite large family with four sisters, was one of the most liked and smart girls at her high school. She graduated early and enrolled in medical school, finishing near the top of her class. She hasn’t however done anything since then, didn’t go for an internship, doesn’t even work. Instead she floats around the city doing whatever she feels like. She doesn’t even have a place of her own, though it’s a mystery how she affords her designer wardrobe. Instead she sleeps on the couches, spare rooms and sometimes beds, of her friends. Ivy is fun, flirty, friendly and always up for a good time.
occupation: Unemployed 
music: No Doubt, My Chemical Romance, Ellie Goudling, Kimbra, The Killers
likes: Dancing, shoes, colours, speaking her mind, family, friends, having fun, cutting loose
dislikes: commitment, working, extreme temperatures, sulking, boring heels
looks: Karen Gillan
status: Singleish…

Also, does anyone in this Rp want to be Ivy’s friend. Please? If she has more than one person to crash at’s in the Apartments that would be great, though they could still be friends if she can’t stay with them. Just I wrote a really social character for once, and it would be nice for her to be you know, social. Now onwards with the other bios

Carlton Tailor {49}
Carlton is a patient man, with an even and calm temper and a pretty laidback manner - he’s had to be in a household full of eight women. Carlton was the parents that was always at home to help out with homework, make sure homework got done and listen to chores, as well as holding a regular job as an accountant. Ivy personally thinks he’s a saint, managing to juggle all that and maintain one of the best senses of humor she’s even come across
{Keven McKidd}

Penelope Tailor {49}
Penny Tailor is a pretty amazing woman. She married young, has six kids and somehow still manages to be one of the most well respected Lawyers at her firm. She wasn’t around much when the girls were growing up, but they never felt neglected by her as whenever she was around she doted on her daughters. Ivy is pretty damn close to her mother, and respects her, sometimes feeling her lack of commitment disappoints her mother.
{Nicole Kidman}

Caity Leanne Tailor {30}
One of the twins, the oldest one she’s always sure to point out. Caity is driven, focused and determined like her mother - perhaps why they clashes slightly. Caity worked in Public Relations at a huge firms, and was moving up the ranks but she decided to put her career on hold to start a family. She has 2 kids, and lives with her husband not far from the family home
{Bryce Dallas Howard}

Marie Charlotte Tailor {30} 
The younger twin by 5 minutes, Marie was always the motherly influence in the house, especially for her younger sisters when she was growing up - even if though she isn’t that much older than them. Marie is extremely patient, tolerant and will always indulge her sisters and spare an ear or shoulder. The only family member who never got involved in family disputes and tried to sort them out. Marie still lives with her parents and is the mother figure to Marine, more so that Penelope
{Jessica Chastain}

Natalie Candice ‘Candy’ Tailor {27}
Natalie is perhaps the most spoiled and self indulgent of the sisters. Candy is selfish and generally doesn’t think about the wants of others or how her actions effect them. Despite this Candy is just selfish and flighty, not malicious and although she was involved in more fights than anyone else in their childhood she does love her family, mostly. No one is really sure what she does as a job but she earns her own money, despite still living with her parents.
{Deborah Ann Woll}

Cynthia Tailor {25}
Only a year older than Ivy, she’s always envied the way Cynthia seemed so elegant, graceful and put together. She married one of her business school classmates, and recently he has made a small fortune. Cynthia is charming and good at getting people to like and trust her, Ivy suspects this is why her husbands business is doing so well and Cynthia is really the brains in the relationship.
{Evan Rachel Wood}

Cassandra Tailor {21}
The baby of the family, Cassandra is calm and level headed, used to lurking in the shadows of her outgoing older sisters. Despite her calm nature she is sometimes prone to fits of violent temper, though brief and rare. Cassandra is closest with Ivy and the two still regularly get together. Cassandra moved out of home as soon as she turned 18, and Ivy often stays with her.
{Emma Stone}

Marnie Chriss {15}
Daughter of Penelope’s younger sister Carried. When Carried died in a car crash 8 years ago and Marnie has been living with the Tailor’s ever sense. A regular and totally mischievous girl, Marnie looks to be developing into quite a prankster. She is closest with Marie and considers her more of a mother than Penelope.
{Sophie Turner}


Basil Hamm {27}
Basil is probably Ivy’s best friend. They went to medical school together, and despite the fact Basil takes is seriously and Ivy, doesn’t really, they’ve remained close friends. Ivy stays over at Basil’s at least twice a week and the two understand each other perfectly, sometimes without even needing to talk. Most people find their friendship weird and creepy but it suits them just fine. Basil is an orphan, living off his parents money in the Rose Court Apartments whilst completing his medical internship, he’d look for a roommate, if Ivy wasn’t already practically one.
{Matt Smith}

Tim Robbins {29}
Tim is Basil’s next door neighbour, which is how Ivy knows him. The three often go out together, despite Tim being the jock to Basil and Ivy’s nerds. He seems to understand them better than most people, and tolerates them even when he can’t which is more than most people. He has a strange flirtation thing going on with Ivy, even though neither of them well ever do anything about it…most likely.
{Chris Hemsworth}

Amy Mitchell {25}
Amy is Ivy’s best friend from high school, one of those friends you’ll always stay close to because they know to much about your life to let them walk away. Amy and Ivy are incredibly close though, and Amy is very perceptive about Ivy’s life - or about people in general Ivy supposes. Almost the complete opposite of Ivy, Amy owns a bakery.
{Summer Glau}

Tara Cruse {26}
Fun loving, hotel heiress Tara is one friend Ivy loves to simply go out and let loose with. Not incredibly bright, Ivy has no problem with that as Tara’s heart is in the right place, even if Ivy considers a bit to trust and …loose
{Esti Ginzburg}

Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender play Carl and Ryan Fairchild, but telling you who exactly they are would spoil the fun.
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