MONDAY - The week start and you have to go to work. Today’s shooting day.

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“You look lovely, Melanie” Ruby said to her after moving her eyes away from the camera to look at her directly “Now sit on that bench” she suggested and Melanie went along.

“I don’t care what she thinks” Grace’s voice caught my attention “Tell Anna I’m shooting at the Strawberry Fields even if she doesn’t like it” James nodded nervously and went on to make a call on his cell phone.

It seemed like the atmosphere was a little tense at the Central Park, but it was the usual. It was a lovely day, though. I sipped my Starbucks take-out coffee and enjoyed the weather.

“What do you think you’re dong here?” James Reed said to me. He looked irritated.

“I guessed since I didn’t have much to do I could redirect the phones to my mobile and come watch the shoot. Isn’t it a good idea? It’s a lovely day”

“No, it isn’t’” he answered sharply “What if something comes up? You have to be at your office to take care of it. Plus, I have enough fashion-crazy-b.itch drama with my superiors to be concerned about what you are doing”

I sighed. Even though he probably did have a lot to worry about, I started to suspect he simply didn’t like me. I had to obey him anyway because he was my boss after all.

“Hey” I said, still not giving up and refusing to spend a boring day sitting on my desk with nothing to do “Do you remember you once told me I could assist to a photo shoot?”

“Yes, but not today” he said and turned around, walking away from me.

I gave a big sigh and rolled my eyes, begging that something would come up and entertain me a little. Suddenly, my phone rang and I was glad that my prayers had been listened. I checked the ID on the screen to find out it was Trey. I crossed my finger hoping they needed me back there and proceeded to hang up while looking for a cab.

“Please tell me one of the models broke and leg and you need me to contact an agency now” I said happily. I laughed at myself for wishing someone had gotten hurt just for my own amusement.

“No, sorry to disappoint you” he said over the phone “But I saw you arguing with James and then leaving. Is everything okay?”

“Yes, he just sent me back to the office for reasons unknown” I answered disappointed.

“What? And you just left?”

“Well… Yes. What was I supposed to do?” I said while opening the taxi door and getting in.

“I don’t know… Stand up for yourself?” he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world – and perhaps it was.

“I don’t know, he does have the power to tell me where should I do my work” 

“How is the place you’re at even relevant?” he said, maybe annoyed because of my stupidity or maybe annoyed for another external reason “Listen, I’ve got to go but don’t let him bother you, okay?”

“Okay” I shrugged and hung up. 

He did have a point but I wasn’t sure if it was worth fighting with James for that. What if I created a war out of nowhere? What if it affected my job? But, what if I was actually right? I spend all the day thinking about that.
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