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Korean Fashion Challenge + Korean Dolls

Inspired by Korean MVs, dramas and shows, 50 themed challenge for all k pop lovers! :D SUMMER BUCKET LIST: (keep in mind that each f activity your are going to do with kpop idol of your choice - your sets must include at least one doll of kpop idol and preferably a doll of "you") 1. Sleep in a tent 2. Go for a bike ride 3. Watch the sunrise 4. Build a blanket&pillow fort 5. Have a disney movies marathon 6. Go on a breakfast date 7. Dance in the rain 8. Buy matching sunglasses 9. Go strawberry picking 10. Dye a streak of your hair 11. Collect seashells 12. Go horseback riding 13. Eat a watermelon 14. Go on double date ------------------------------------------------------- What would you wear if you were: 1. Invited to wild party with GD&TOP 2. Making a parody with 2AM 3. Masquerade ball with Rania 4. Riding a bicycle with Son Dam Bi and Heechul http://www.allkpop.com/2011/07/why-did-kim-heechul-call-son-dambi-the-devil 5. Making pranks with 4Minute [Heart to heart MV] 6. Running in high heels like Baek Ji Young http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM9rcChqTvw 7. Going to a retro party with T-ara 8. Figure skating with Krystal 9. Dance competition with Miss A 10. Spending day on a beach with The Boss 11. Roadtrip with Changmin and Lee Hyun 12. Going shopping with SNSD 13. Performing fairytale for kids with Orange Caramel 14. Singing in the rain with B2ST 15. Visiting a farm with Mir 16. Cooking with Key 17. Attending yoga class with Thunder 18. Having English lesson with Dongho 19. Going to fashion show with 2NE1 20. Going to a Black&white themes party with G.Na 21. Visiting midnight circus with Sunny Hill 22. Enjoying karaoke with IU and Wooyoung 23. Walking dog with Taeyang 24. Flight on a plane with Sistar 25. Attending school with Super Junior [Attack on the Pin Up Boys] 26. Flying hot air balloon with Secret 27. Trying to impress your crush with Girl’s Day 28. Killing ninjas with Rain 29. Meeting aliens with Lee Hyori [and singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to welcome them^^] 30. Singing Trot with Daesung 31. Visiting Wonderland with Seungri 32. Going to a swimming pool party with 2PM 33. Sightseeing in Thailand with Khun 34. Attending Oh! My School! (100 points out of 100) 35. Celebrating Christmas with JYP nation 36. Unpacking in new apartment with Kim Hyun Joong (Gummy’s MV) 37. Visiting beauty shop with Hongki 38. Taking guitar lesson with C.N Blue 39. A maid of honor at Se7en and Park Han Byul’ s wedding 40. Taking care of a baby with SHINee 41. Attending sport competition with Dream Team 42. Looking ‘So Hot’ with Wonder Girls 43. Performing at Kirin Art School [Dream High] 44. Hosting year’s end show with Heechul 45. Winning a movie award with Kang Dong Won 46. To seduce a makane 47. Working at Coffee Prince 48. Eating cakes in Antique Bakery 49. Trip to Hawaii with Bekah 50. Going on a dream date with your ultimate bias! Hall of Fame: @chomiczynka --> http://www.polyvore.com/what_would_you_wear_challenge/collection?id=998944 @hellounicorn --> http://www.polyvore.com/korean_fashion_challenge/collection?id=1011683 @maybones --> http://www.polyvore.com/korean_fashion_challenge/collection?id=999194 @nyamnyam --> http://www.polyvore.com/korean_fashion_challenge/collection?id=999585 @couver --> http://www.polyvore.com/korean_fashion_challenge/collection?id=1001313 @superstar-k -->http://www.polyvore.com/what_would_you_wear_challenge/collection?id=1001149 @dinoburger --> http://www.polyvore.com/what_would_you_wear_challenge/collection?id=1058932 @sharita --> http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1129638 @checkmybrain --> http://www.polyvore.com/korean_fashion_challenge/collection?id=1083207 @sparsile --> http://www.polyvore.com/korean_fashion_challenge/collection?id=1083971 Part 2: What would you wear if you were: 1. Tea party at doll house [Nine Muses – Dolls/Tiny G – Minimanimo] 2. Fighting shoulder to shoulder with you friend [DMTN – Safety Zone] 3. In mirror labyrinth [4Minute – Mirror Mirror/ZE:A – Phoenix] 4. Going on a car date [Sistar19 – Gone] 5. Going on a date with younger boy [BoA – Disturbance] 6. Meeting ‘vampires’ from other planet [Vixx – On and On] 7. An assassin [so many MVs:P] 8. Modern Dr. Frankenstein [kind of inspired by MFBTY – Sweet Dreams] 9. Visiting country club [2Yoon – 24/7] 10. Meeting ‘dark angel’[Jaejoong – Mine] 11. Trying to impress ‘special boy’ [Infinite H – Special Girl ] 12. Getting lost in secret garden [Juniel’s MVs, B1A4 – Try to Walk] 13. Cooking with your boyfriend [Nicole – Lost; Sunggyu – 60 sec] 14. Drinking coffee in room filled with antique furniture [Yoseob – Caffeine] 15. Riding train with Infinite 16. Auditioning in front of Junsu [FIESTAR – Vista] 17. Sitting blindfolded and waiting for him [of course in bricked room^^; Roh Ji Hoon – Punishment] 18. Visiting New York with Big Bang 19. Dancing with Younique/Tasty 20. Going to retro movies [Lee Ha Yi – 1,2,3,4] 21. Visiting ‘Crayon-land’[GD] 22. Selling ice creams [Hyuna – Ice Cream] 23. Dancing to Gangnam Style 24. Shopping in haunted (with cute kids) store [Epik High – Don’t Hate Me] 25. Stealing mysterious briefcase [Block B - NILLILI MAMBO] 26. Showing off in front of guy who didn’t notice you earlier [Ailee – I’ll Show You] 27. Trying to look more boyish [Miss A – I Don’t Need A Man] 28. Dressing up as female character from a movie [AoA – Get Out] 29. Seducing a detective [Secret – Poison] 30. Playing ping pong [Orange Caramel – Lipstick] 31. Living in world of T-ara’s ‘Sexy Love’/’Day by Day’ MVs 32. Visiting zoo with B.A.P [Crash] 33. Having fun on beach with Infinite 34. Bowling with Teen Top [Be Ma Girl] 35. Going on summer trip with Sistar 36. Dancing in flashmob with Wonder Girls 37. A monster [Big Bang] 38. Classmate with JJ Project/Bang Young Guk&Zelo [Bounce/Never Give Up] 39. Going on night motorcycle ride [Infinite – The Chaser] 40. Warrior [from the same planet as B.A.P is] 41. Visiting museum at night [Shinee – Sherlock] 42. Using Time Machine [SNSD – Time Machine, any MV with retro theme,like GaIn’s] 43. Escaping from prison [Teen Top - Miss Right] 44. College student at EXO Academy 45. Bad Girl [Lee Hyori's Bad Girl] 46. Lost in a jungle [Wonder Boyz - Tarzan] 47. Miss Korea 48. Acting in silent film [IU - Red Shoes] 49. Robbing a bank [Block B - Very Good] 50. Spending white or colorful Christmas [Bom&Hi - All I Want For Christmas...; SHINee - Colorful]
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