Korean Girl

Full Name: Tae Sun Mai Lang
Nickname: American name is Tiffany, Tiff
Age: 16
Personality: funny, outgoing, smart, lucky, kind, sweet, a bit shallow
Mini Biography: Half Korean, half American. She came to LA with her family, but her dad goes back to Korea to check up on his fossil fuel company, and her mom is out in New York to continue her fashion career. Her mom is half British, so Tiffany has a light British accent. Lives with her sister, Sunny,
Looks: ON THERE. The first picture
Other: Plays the guitar and piano, sings, dance
Parents: Sung Tae Mai Lang "Shem"(Dad, 39), Victoria Mai Lang (Mom, 37), Sae Lun Mai Lang "Sunny" (Sister, 26)
likes: Boys, music, fashion
dislikes: Daisies(She's allergic)
how much you be active in my club: When I go on, this will be the first club I check up on.
clique number one: Elites.
Clique number two: Elites
birthplace: California, LA

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