20 Korean Guys Challenge:

Current obsession??? guess who??
MINHO!! hahah no one knew I'd choose him ^^ hehe

actually he's my obsession since 2 years ago... i don't know exactly how he become my crush... hahah when SHINee first debuted it was like "none of them is attractive" yeah I was that idiot back then... hahah but maybe it was just because of their hairstyles, in fact I hate watching Korean version of Replay mv because their hairstyles and their clothes kind of annoy me... anyways I kept listening to their music, ignoring the fact I hated their looks... later the same year they released Love like oxygen and by then I loved their voices too much that I even didn't get bother by their colorful outfits... but the song that changed my perception of SHINee was A.Mi.Go... I really got obssesed with them after that, first the title of the song quickly caught my attention because amigo means friend in Spanish.... and then the MV with Minho running and... oh God... he looked so perfect in my eyes even when he was chasing some girl... I just realized that I was completely biased... hahah I think I've got to like other idols, but Minho is always the nº1... I want to know if that would change someday... I don't think so but... everything can happen... hahah ^_^
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