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  • koziol Miaou Cat Ring Holder
    koziol Miaou Cat Ring Holder
    This dainty cat will hold your rings and other items of jewellery on her tail. She can also be used to hold keyrings or stationery items such as small rolls of sellotape. At koziol, even the cooling water comes from the company's own natural spring. From the initial idea to the packaged product, koziol is a one-stop manufacturing shop. Modelling, development, construction, mould-making, production, shipping, marketing? Forget the Far East. You can find it all at Erbach in the Odenwald forest. All within walking distance, in the heart of Germany. That's the company's home, and it's one that is ecologically, economically and above all socially sustainable. An emotional home. A home away from home. Appreciated by people. By the environment. Brand : koziol. Dimensions : H21.5 x W8.5 x L14.5cm.
  • Koziol - Pinball Wall Clock
    Koziol - Pinball Wall Clock
    Reduced to the max. The Koziol Pinball wall clock is a noticeable signal for the kitchen, the office or the living room wall, since the bribing clock measures 45 centimeters from one point to another. The refreshing design of the Pinball wall clock by Koziol transmits enthusiasm and it is as well easy to be read. Frank Person is responsible for the design of the clock. A quartz clockwork ensures the reliable time display – all the time. Koziol produces the Pinball wall clock out of shock resistant polystyrene, which makes it robust and easily cleaned. The Pinball clock is delivered in a gift box.
  • Koziol - Piano Wall Clock
    Koziol - Piano Wall Clock
    Time is a phenomenon which allows different points of view: The Piano wall clock by Koziol appears with a very clear dial leaned on piano keys. It all looks different when you look at it from one side. The lateral of the Piano wall clock reveals the real depth of the dial with its sublime hour blocks. And that’s not the only reason why Piano remains ideally readable from whatever side it is watched from – its grandiose diameter of nearly half a meter impresses even more. Koziol produces the Piano wall clock out of shock resistant polystyrene. This one makes the clock robust and easily cleaned. The Piano clock is delivered in a gift box.
  • Koziol - Smok Ashtray
    Koziol - Smok Ashtray
    Simple things as ashtrays can also convince with clever design. The Smok by Koziol swallows cigarettes and keeps smoke and stench locked up. Keeping smoking places clean is the duty of the Smok ashtray: The small hole in the stainless steel surface has the right size to hide cigarettes. The design runs inward and the small opening leaves smoke and small ash pieces inside – as well as unpleasant scents. The design is unobtrusive and elegant from outside – it doesn’t look like a banal ashtray. Koziol produces the Tino Valentinitsch made Smok ashtray out of plastic and stainless steel. The plastic is pollutants-free and 100% recyclable.
  • Koziol - Cherrie Deco-element
    Koziol - Cherrie Deco-element
    The shaping from Cherrie is inspired by Japanese cherry blossom. The fantasy ornaments are bendable in all directions and simply hooked together. This is how spacey as well as three dimensional installations are uncomplicatedly transposable. Through the flexible material, also spheres, rods, trees or copula-formed structures and fantasy constructions are realizable. The innovative design of the Berlin designer Flip Sellin was awarded with the Form Design prize in the year 2007 and nominated for the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2008. Koziol manufactures its products exceptionally in the German Oden-forest. The Cherrie plastic is recyclable, resources saving and produced with it ecological value. Cherrie is aslso available in further colours.
  • Koziol - [pi:p] Wall Clock
    Koziol - [pi:p] Wall Clock
    The [pi:p] wall clock by Koziol spreads a humorous and sympathetic atmosphere, reminding us of Alice in Wonderland. And it doesn’t matter where it is mounted; the stylized forest animals ornamented dial will tell you the time with only one glimpse. According to the presentation and its surrounding, the [pi:p] wall clock by Koziol can thereby be exceptionally suitable for children’s rooms (colourful, friendly animals), for elegant surroundings that demand a bit of irony (black/white, alone) or even for a thrilling, individual solution (poppy colours, eye-catcher). The [pi:p] wall clock by Koziol consists of synthetics and it is also available in further colours. More details: Quartz clockwork. Emotional design. Dial with numbers. Each clock is also available with black and white pointers. In gift package.
  • Koziol - Toc-Toc Wall Clock
    Koziol - Toc-Toc Wall Clock
    Koziol presents a real alternative for time and soul with the Toc-Toc clock. Since where there is the classic Black Forest timer with the bloodcurdling whispering-shouting playing with our nerves, the modernized edition is much more pleasant and relaxing. The Koziol Toc-Toc wall clock informs about the time with clear, minimalistic design and it still makes up the bridge to the great-grandfather: The bird in the roof ridge pends from one side to the other but it remains constantly quiet. The emotionally designed Toc-Toc wall clock is equipped with quartz clockwork by Koziol. Other editions of the modern cuckoo clock are also available. More details: Bird swings from one side to another. Without cuckoo noises at every hour. Delivery package: Without batteries. Needed batteries: 1 X AA LR6 battery.
  • Koziol - Milano Magazine Rack
    Koziol - Milano Magazine Rack
    The Milano magazine rack by Koziol appears with an elegant design and a cool, appealing look. It is ideally suitable for homes or working rooms – but also for waiting rooms in practices and hairdressing rooms as practical furniture by the smithies of the Odenwald manufacturer Koziol. Milano’s sophisticated appearance and decent integration in its surrounding make the magazine rack a pleasant and unobtrusive company with useful components: There is only one drop-in centre instead of many loose magazines and newspapers. The Milano magazine rack by Koziol consists of polypropylene and it is also available in further colours.
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