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Kpop Roleplay

This group is for kpop groups and idols (ocs) created by polvore users Rules: Face claims are first dibs on a model/ulzzang/idol/etc.'s face/appearance Do not use anyone else's face claim (unless you've gotten permission first) Do not cause scandals about another group without permission Do not claim anyone's work or creations as your own Be kind and respectful to all members
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Wrote 29 days ago
Annyeonghaseyo! Wassup everybody this is elite! We just debuted yesterday and we are so pumped to be in the entertainment industry now! We hope that Elite goes down in history and people will remember us, we also just want to make people smile^^ We hope to meet you guys and talk with all of you!
and Angel

Wrote one month ago
Hello, for convenience, all of KK's (all of the branches, too) faceclaims are in this Google Doc:

Wrote one month ago
Hi guys! Even though I haven't been able to post my individual profiles just yet, I'm gonna go ahead and post my face claims here.
- Shin Haneul (fc = Kim Myungsoo [ L ] (Infinite))
- Bae Jiho (fc = Kim Jaejoong (JYJ))
- Oh Minah (fc = Kang Seulgi (Red Velvet))
- Ahn Bomi (fc = Lee Hyeri (Girl's Day))
- Kim Solji (fc = Son Naeun (Apink))
- Choi Eunbi (fc = Song Jieun (Secret))
- Moon Yerin (fc = Lee Sumi (Wonder Girls))
- Seo Nari (fc = Kim Jinhee [ Jei ] (Fiestar))
- Lee Areum (fc = Nam Gyuri (actress))
I tried to make sure that nobody else was using them but if they are please let me know, otherwise I'll continue to use them for my OC's. Thanks guys!

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