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Kpop Roleplay

This group is for kpop groups and idols (ocs) created by polvore users. Posts sets about your group (or anything to do with it)!! Contests will be "music shows" like inkigayo and mcountdown (How often will depend on the number of groups promoting or having a comeback) Rules: Face claims are first dibs on a model/ulzzang/idol/etc.'s face/appearance Do not use anyone else's face claim (unless you've gotten permission first) Do not cause scandals about another group without permission Do not claim anyone's work or creations as your own Be kind and respectful to all members
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Wrote 16 days ago
Next task: (for trainees only)
We will be having our first performance! Vote a trainee from class A to be our center!
The center is someone who is at the front of the performance and has the most screen time.
The person selected will be awarded 10 points.
@kkchrry @arabellav-zhang @alienkitty218 @sm-entertainment @minibaozi @heartentertainment @choi-jim-song

Wrote 19 days ago
So sorry for all the trouble, here's the list:

Wrote 19 days ago
Face-Claim Link ~>

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