Kre-at Beauty Mega Half Lash - White Krystal
  • M·A·C 6 Lash
    Adds length. Provides a full, wide-eyed, spiked look. If properly cared for, lashes can be re-shaped or re-adorned if desired.
  • M·A·C 34 Lash
    Dramatically long. Wispy. Features a long, winged-corner edge. M·A·C Lashes are handmade to exact specifications. Each pattern and design is perfectly shaped and arranged to give a striking effect, whether the look is natural or dramatic. Available in a variety of shapes and densities. If properly cared for, lashes can be reshaped or adorned if desired. Handmade.
  • FOREVER 21 False Lashes
    This set of glam false eyelashes will add beautiful volume to your natural lashes for fuller look. Amp up its bold appeal with an inky cat eye and nude lips for a sultry vibe. Lightweight. Glue not included. Not tested on animals. Imported.
  • Eylure Texture 153 Lashes
    The Eylure Texture 153 Lashes will enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Ideal for a luscious sweep of length, the false eyelashes have a long construction with extra depth at the edges. Completely reusable, the eyelashes are suitable for all eye shapes, and are ideal for both regular wear and special occasions. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, they come with lash glue and instructions for fuss-free application. L.M. 1 Pair of Lashes. Glue. Instructions. Directions of Use: Lift the lashes from the tray with tweezers or your fingers, easing away from the tray by using your thumbs in a downwards motion. Measure against your eye and trim if necessary. Apply a thin layer of glue (included) to the lash band. Wait 20-30 seconds for it to go tacky. Using tweezers or your fingers, place from the middle of the eye and adjust the edges so they follow your natural lash line. Press and hold for a few seconds. If you make a mistake, peel off the lashes and remove the dried glue, then try again. Brand: Eylure.
  • Japonesque Eyelashes, Criss Cross Demi, Black 1 pack
    Dramatic and Defined Full Lashes. JAPONESQUE® Criss Cross Demi lashes are designed to match your mood or occasion, so you can have the lashes you've always wanted any time. JAPONESQUE® eyelashes come in a variety of styles and colors, for a final result that is dramatic and defined with full, lush eyelashes.