Little Talks // Of Monsters and Men - this is a FAB tune. Give it a listen :-)

This set is for: @queenb-nyc

Hello, this is for you!
A very very very belated happy birthday set from me! Sorry for the lateness. I remembered, but then I forgot when I left and then I remember again! Anyway, hope you had a really great time :-) I know how much you adore Kristen and pictures of her, so this is another set of her for you :-) Hope you like this! Good luck with your story writing and hope I can finish my chapter 1 for you to read it :D 
Much love, xoxoxo

The Interview cover of Kristen and Charlize look amazing!
You know what was trending on twitter the other day? Disappointing bands! It was funny, everyone was saying One Direction. I don't like One Direction but I don't think they have done anything what I'd defined as 'disappointing'. I think everyone meant US One Direction. I could list artists which I think are disappointing though. One of them is Leon Jackson. So disappointing. 

I was listening to BB4 whilst eating when the radio suddenly diverted into erotica. It was disturbing. It sounded like a live 50 shades of Grey audiobook. My face: O.O is this even legal? I was eating as well -.- Funny thing, I wanted to read that series because I heard the fanfiction was good. That was before I knew what it was even about. Imagine my horror (O.O) of buying the book, thinking it’s a nice love story when in fact it has a sh*tload of BSDM. I don’t know what it is about that book that has majority of girls excited and squealing about, but I am staying away from that hype. I know I'm sounding really judgmental coz I haven’t read it to judge, but honestly? I don't think I'd like it.
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