mady by me, use?

omg. last night was epic, i stayed up till like 6am to watch the awards and it was so worth it. Kristen looked absolutly beautiful aw always she wore Dolce&Gabanna, alot of people were saying she was the best dressed there.. which she was. And even Lindsay Lohan tweets 'Kristen Stewart looks so pretty' or something like that. and well Rob just looked gorgeous, I really like his new hair. So kristen won Best Female Performance which was good, her speech was cute! Then is was Best Kiss, which was just unbelievably epic, robsten won, of course, and wat they did was really cute. my heart was like pounding. they were just like joking around and doing really bad kiss attepts then Rob just grabbed Kristen and kissed her, but you couldnt really see cos his back was towards the camera. Rob won best male performance.. and he mentioned Kristen in his speech :') .. and i think he also won Global Superstar cos he went off with 2 awards. And to finish it all off, New Moon won best movie and Peters speech was so funny, he said fucking about 10 times....
So yeah the whole award show just so so so so so epic. It was better then last years. I'm gonna watch it again later on :D 
I saved lots of pictures before i went to bed last night, and i'm gonna edit them now, so expect lots of sets :D 

bloody hell i just wrote a lot.

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