Krups® Barista One-Touch Auto Cappuccino Machine
  • De’Longhi® Magnifica S Automatic Espresso Machine
    Whether you prefer espresso, cappuccino, café latte or macchiato, this sleek, compact machine makes brewing your favorite drinks as simple as touching a few buttons. An integrated conical burr grinder grinds your beans to an even consistency, while the innovative one-touch dial allows you to easily adjust strength and quantity on the fly. Use the attached frothing wand to finish off your drink with perfectly frothed milk or to produce hot water for tea and hot chocolate. Manufacturer: De’Longhi. Material: Plastic; stainless steel. Care: Hand wipe clean. Dimensions: 9.4" x 16.9" x 13.4" Capacity: 60 oz water reservoir. Weight: 20.04 lb. Watts: 1350 W. Warranty: 2 years. Made in Italy. FEATURES: Direct-to-Brew system grinds and brews in one unit, eliminating the need for a separate grinder. Easy-to-use rotary dial and push-button operation control the direct-to-brew heating system for fast, professional results. Stainless-steel milk frothing wand for great cappuccino and macchiato. Front-access water reservoir makes refilling quick and easy; integrated water filtration and decalcification systems keep your machine running smoothly. Height-adjustable coffee spouts. Integrated 13-setting conical burr grinder with half-pound bean container grinds your beans just before they’re brewed, producing the freshest flavor possible. Removable Brew Group for easy cleaning and reliability. Programmable timer and 15 minute-to-three hour auto shutoff.
  • Saeco Exprelia EVO Automatic Espresso Machine
    From frothy cappuccinos to creamy lattes, brewing authentic coffee bar specialties is simpler than ever with this advanced machine. It makes your favorite steamed and frothed drinks at the touch of a single button—and thanks to a new, state-of-the-art frother, the extra-hot milk is aerated with superfine bubbles for the ultimate froth. Fully automatic machine creates the perfectly brewed and frothed coffee beverage of your choice—just press a button. Intuitive control panel and display screen make brewing simple. Five coffee/espresso strength buttons allow you to customize your beverage at the touch of a button. Cappuccinatore automatic milk frother and manual steam wand help ensure perfect cappuccinos and lattes. The removable, dual-chamber milk carafe stores conveniently in the fridge, so it's always ready to use. Saeco Brewing System allows you to control the coffee crema and flavor intensity during brewing—simply adjust the coffee flow speed to precisely customize your beverage. Double stainless-steel boiler system provides instant steam, with no downtime between frothing and brewing. Built-in ceramic grinder provides customized grinding with eight precise settings. 15 bars of pressure ensure a consistently rich, full-bodied brew with a perfect crema. Adjustable spouts make it easy to brew beverages into cups of varying sizes. An automatic rinse/self-cleaning cycle guarantees simple, efficient cleaning. Brew group quickly removes for easy cleaning.
  • Gaggia® Platinum Vision Espresso Machine
    Become your own barista and enjoy authentic Italian espresso right in your own kitchen. This innovative machine features a 1500-watt stainless-steel boiler with Rapid Steam technology, which enables you to switch from brewing to steaming with little downtime. Fifteen-bar pump pressure ensures perfectly extracted espresso, and ceramic burr grinder with adjustable settings lets you customize your grind. A user-friendly digital touch screen provides programming and alerts for a whole host of features, including cleaning and descaling, setting water temperature and brewing volume, and an Opti-Dose system, which controls the amount of espresso per shot. Optional Gaggia Milk Island uses steam from the boiler to automatically make cappuccinos and lattes. The 57-oz. water reservoir is removable for easy refill. Made in Italy. BREW ESPRESSO LIKE A PRO—IN SECONDS With intuitive, icon-based menu options, you’ll easily create a variety of drinks—from aromatic espressos and café Americanos to rich, creamy cappuccinos and lattes. A powerful, 1500-watt stainless-steel boiler uses Rapid Stream technology to brew coffee faster than ever. Plus, the Pannarello steamer attachment makes steaming and frothing a breeze. EASILY PERSONALIZE YOUR DRINKS Customize the temperature, strength and volume to create your perfect cup. A quiet ceramic burr grinder lets you select a coarse, medium, or fine grind, and the unique Opti-Dose system enables you to set the amount of espresso per shot, from 7 to 10½ grams. Plus, you have the option of using pre-ground blends with the bypass doser or using the hot water dispenser to make café Americanos or teas. INCLUDES Single shot, double shot and E.S.E. filter baskets, coffee tamper, 57-oz. removable water reservoir, Aqua Prima water filter, 8¾-oz. bean hopper, measuring scoop, water-hardness test strip, and grinder adjustment key.
  • Krups Barista Fully Automatic Espresso Machine
    As convenient as having a personal barista on call, this advanced machine has the specialized savvy to prepare 17 different coffee bar recipes at the touch of a single button—more than any other fully automatic espresso/cappuccino maker on the market. The intuitive digital touchscreen makes it easy to customize your selections, from coffee flavor and strength to brewing temperature and quantity. Fully automatic machine makes everything from perfect espressos and ristrettos to cappuccinos, lattes and machiattos—all with one-touch convenience. Unique 2-step frothing system preheats the milk, froths it directly in the cup along with the espresso for a perfect drink; after each use, the system automatically cleans the steam nozzle thoroughly. One-touch, full-color digital screen allows for complete customization of drinks, featuring a "favorites" menu that features up to eight different drinks on up to eight different profiles. Metal conical burr grinder automatically adjusts the grind texture and amount of ground coffee to suit your selected beverage; grinder bypass for using preground coffee. Adjustable coffee dispenser height accommodates different cup sizes.
  • Jura® ENA Micro 9 One Touch, Silver
    Jura is proud to present the world’s smallest one-touch automatic cappuccino machine: the new ENA Micro 9 One Touch. This machine is 11% shorter than the compact ENA line. Even when space is at a premium, the ENA Micro 9 is still able to provide lovers of specialty coffees with maximum enjoyment. ALL YOUR FAVORITES AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON: ENA Micro 9 One Touch offers an impressive range of specialties at the touch of a button: latte, macchiato, cappuccino, cafe crema, espresso, and even hot water. JUST PRESS, THEN ENJOY: The operation of this machine is so straightforward that it can be summed up in two words: press, enjoy. The easy-to-understand symbols and ergonomically arranged buttons give you exactly what you want without any fuss. The traffic light display (green = ready, yellow = programming, red = prompt to take action) and the rotary switch for custom settings make the machine very intuitive to use. ENGINEERED FOR SINGLE CUPS: The newly developed 15-bar thermoblock heating system has been specially engineered for a single cup, making this the world’s smallest automatic machine that is capable of preparing a cappuccino and a latte macchiato at the touch of a button without having to move the cup. The conical grinder prepares just the right amount of grounds without wasting a single bean. Click here for more information on Ena Micro 9. Manufacturer: Jura. Includes: Owner’s manual, 1 CLEARYL BLUE filter, CLEARYL BLUE filter holder (if applicable), cleaning tablet sample, Aquadur test strip (for testing water hardness), and 1 extra venting tip and clear milk hose—to be used with the frother. Capacity: 37-oz., water tank; 4.4-oz. bean container; coffee grounds container holds up to nine servings. Dimensions: 9" W x 12.72" H x 17.52" D. Weight: 20.7 lbs. Voltage: 120 volts. Power: 1450 watts. BPA-free. Made in Portugal
  • De’Longhi® Magnifica XS Automatic Espresso Machine
    The De’Longhi Magnifica XS Super Automatic Machine is a compact but feature-packed alternative for espresso lovers without much space. The simple control panel lets you to prepare your favorite drinks at the push of a button. Manufacturer: De’Longhi. Material: Stainless steel, ABS plastic and BPA-free plastic. Capacity: Bean container holds 250g/8.8 oz. Removable 1.8L/60 oz. water tank. Dimensions: 9.4" w x 17" deep x 13.8" h. Wattage: 1250 watts. Selling Weight: 20.4 lbs. Made in Italy. FEATURES: Patented direct-to-brew system grinds instantly only what you need. Turn the knob to adjust the coffee aroma intensity. Select short or long coffee. Thermoblock technology provides excellent heat distribution. Conical burr grinder produces consistently fresh and aromatic results. Grind settings allow you to adjust the fineness for all types of beans. Instant reheat function heats the core of machine for ideal brewing temps. Cappuccino system device creates rich, creamy froth. Height-adjustable coffee spout so you can brew directly into cup. Automatic decalcification indicator lets you know when it’s time to clean. Removable used coffee container and drip tray holds 14 espressos. Automatic shut-off. Energy-saving switch saves 77% more energy. Bean container lid keeps the best flavor of the beans intact. Water filtration system. 15-bar pump pressure.
  • Krups 4-Slice Toaster
    With a sleek stainless steel design and powerful, precise settings, this Krups toaster makes breakfast prep easier than ever. Warranty Information. Chrome-plated steel/stainless steel. Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. Imported. 13.5" X 13.34" x 8.58" 4-slice toaster; 1050 watts; cancel, toast, defrost, reheat and bagel functions. Five precision settings; six levels of adjustable browning. Manufacturer's limited 2-year warranty.
  • Jura® Impressa J9 TFT One-Touch Espresso Machine, Chrome
    Jura’s first all-in-one machine to feature a TFT color display, the J9 is now available in a gorgeous mirror-chrome finish! The J9 makes it easier than ever to scroll through options and prepare your favorite drinks in seconds. Simply make your selection from the color display using a rotary dial and your favorite café-quality drink is delivered straight into your cup. Whether you’re craving a rich and foamy latte macchiato, a perfectly pulled espresso, or a delicious pressure-brewed coffee, the J9 brings the coffeehouse experience to your kitchen unlike any machine we’ve tested. Manufacturer: Jura. Includes: Integrated conical grinder with a generous 9-oz. bean hopper, removable 71-oz. water reservoir, 20-oz. stainless-steel vacuum milk container and Clearyl filter cartridge. Material: Case material is plastic with mirrored chrome finish. Vacuum milk container and boiler material are stainless-steel. Care: Wipe exterior clean. Automatic cleaning program for machine—clean and de-scale the machine or change the CLARIS plus filter cartridge when instructed to do so in the display. Capacity: Water reservoir 71 oz.; bean holder: 9 oz. Dimensions: 13½" h x 11" w x 17" l. Watts: 1450. Made in Switzerland. FEATURES: One-touch system prepares everything from cappuccino to ristretto at the touch of a button, without having to move your cup. Override strength and cup size while brewing without affecting pre-programmed settings. Height-adjustable spout accommodates a variety of cup sizes. Integrated bean grinder has generous 9-oz. hopper for whole beans. Automatic pre-ground funnel system accommodates pre-ground coffee. 15-bar power pump delivers delicious, high-pressure brewed coffee every time. Two-step pre-infusion cycle moistens and conditions ground coffee. Maximum flavor extraction with perfect crema topping. 71-oz. removable water container: Good for 45 espressos at a time. Zero Energy button. Energy Save standby mode. Unique CLEARYL water care system removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper from your tap water for a better-tasting coffee
  • Krups® Silver Art Coffee Machine
    Stylish, sparkling silver 10-cup coffee machine prepares a delicious brew in seconds and looks at home on any countertop. The thermal carafe keeps your coffee warm, and an illuminated on/off switch lets you know when the coffee maker is brewing and automatically shuts off when coffee has brewed. Uniquely designed stainless steel, high-gloss chrome and wood machine features a dual water level indicator for clear visibility at all times, and an anti-drip function to keep countertops clean while serving. Manufacturer: Krups. Care: Hand wash. Capacity: 10 cups. Dimensions: 11½" x 6½" x 13" Watts: 1000. Material: Stainless steel, high-gloss chrome and wood. Warranty: 2-year limited warranty. Made in China.
  • Gaggia® Classic Espresso Machine
    This mini-powerhouse of an espresso machine puts a new twist on the traditional Gaggia design. Brushed stainless-steel front panel combines with sleek black ABS-plastic housing for the ultimate in elegance and simplicity. Front panel has just three buttons, which let you control all the machine’s functions. Features 15-bar pump pressure for perfectly extracted espresso and a 1300-watt motor for powerful performance. The Turbo Frother on the steam wand makes frothing milk for cappuccinos and lattes quick and easy. Made in Italy. BECOME YOUR OWN BARISTA With a user-friendly three-button control panel, you’ll easily brew café-quality espresso in your own kitchen. A quick-heating boiler delivers cup after cup with little downtime. The Turbo Frother will have you whipping up creamy cappuccinos and lattes like a pro. SAY “CIAO” TO THE COFFEE HOUSE Why fight the morning coffee crowd when you can enjoy rich, full-flavored espresso drinks from the comfort of home? The Gaggia New Baby’s sleek design and compact size fit perfectly in any kitchen. INCLUDES Single shot, double shot and E.S.E. filter baskets, coffee tamper, and measuring scoop. Compatible with Aqua Prima water filter (sold separately). An E.S.E. pod, or Easy Serving Espresso Pod, is a single-serving paper pouch filled with premeasured finely ground coffee. E.S.E pods are produced by all the large roasters in Italy, as well as many other roasters around the world. E.S.E. pods are convenient, fast and easier to clean, with no measuring, no grinding, no mess—just a consistently delicious shot of espresso, every time. " Manufacturer: Gaggia. Includes: Single shot, double shot and E.S.E. filter baskets, coffee tamper, and measuring scoop. Care: Wipe machine housing clean with damp cloth. Capacity: 64-oz. water reservoir. Dimensions: 15½" x 9½" x 10½" Warranty: One-year warranty. Watts: 1300. Made in Romania.
  • Krups BW3999 Definitive Series Electric Kettle
    Water, water, everywhere. Have hot water on demand with this versatile electric kettle, which features illuminated level indicators for easy prepping & a 360o cordless swivel base for easy serving. The sleek & stylish stainless steel design feels right at home when you're entertaining. Model BW399D50. Silver.
  • Krups® Espresseria Black Automatic Espresso Machine
    Simple-to-use and stylish, this machine delivers some of the best-tasting coffee we’ve tried—and it’s as easy as pushing a button. Precise settings let you prepare tailor-made coffee to exact specifications in moments. The ultra-compact design is ideal for urban and office use. Patented Performance: The patented compact thermoblock system integrates pressure, heating and brewing into a single, seamless solution. The monoblock unit with revolutionary patented brewing chamber is engineered for superior heat transfer and has a single thermostat to deliver constant heat from the first cup. Simple-to-Use LCD Display: Effortless and amazing. The LCD display screen guides you through easy beverage creation with quick and clear information. All you need to do is push the button. Freshly Ground Beans: Metallic burr grinders give you fresh, never stale-tasting coffee by avoiding overheating and preserving aroma. Your coffee will always be at the ideal temperature—always hot but never burnt or bitter tasting. Velvety Foam and More: The multi-directional steam nozzle lets you quickly create milk-based drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. Nozzle also provides hot water for soups, hot chocolates, tea and more. Effortless Maintenance : After each brewing, excess water is discharged automatically to the drip tray to ensure better temperature control and superior taste. Automatic rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs take care of the rest for you. All the Perks : An Aqua Filter System removes minerals from water for better-tasting coffee every time. The programmable clock features auto-start and auto-off functions, and the dispenser’s height is adjustable (65–105 mm) to avoid splashes and fit an assortment of cups. The drip tray is removable and comes with an integrated floater to signal when tray needs to be emptied. Water tank with empty water tank detection holds 1.8 liters. The transparent bean container has a capacity of 275 grams. Cake container is removable and has a 14-cake capacity. Krups VIP Service includes hotline number for assistance with any issues. 17¾ lbs.; 19" h x 15" l x 11½" w. Made in France.
  • Krups Coffee Maker
    A 12-cup capacity makes this versatile, sleek coffee maker by Krups perfect for serving coffee to a crowd. Warranty Information. Plastic/glass. Hand wash. Imported. Stop and serve feature. Advanced water filtration system. Manufacturer's one-year limited warranty.
  • Miele CM5200 Espresso Machine
    Bringing Miele's legendary design and quality to coffee brewing, this state-of-the-art machine offers ultraquiet operation and produces a full menu of coffee drinks—from single or double coffee and espresso to lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos—with easy, intuitive one-touch controls. One-touch operation to make coffee and espresso as well as cappuccino and other milk-based drinks. Built with the finest components and tested to last for 50,000 cups. Each cup of coffee or espresso can be customized to your exact preferences for size, strength and temperature. Stainless-steel dual spouts are height adjustable and dispense two cups at a time. An electronic steam valve heats and froth milk directly into the insulated 16.9-oz. cap. milk flask. Built-in conical grinder with adjustable settings. Warming tray on top keeps your cups warm between brews. Automatic self-cleaning.
  • Krups Signature Series BW730D50 1.7L Electric Kettle
    Water source. Reach the boiling point even faster with this pretty electric kettle. With 1500 watts of power, a large capacity, an anti-scale filter & a 360o rotational base, you'll love having this easygoing tool right by your side for brunches, tea times & more.
  • De’Longhi PrimaDonna
    Whether you prefer caffèmocha, espresso, hot chocolate, latte or cappuccino, this sleek all-in-one machine makes brewing your favorite drinks as simple as touching a button. Integrated conical-burr grinding pulverizes beans to a fine consistency for full flavor extraction, while the innovative color display allows you to easily adjust strength and quantity. De’Longhi’s LatteCrema system adds dense, creamy froth or silky smooth warmed milk for your favorite café-style drinks, and the chocolate function and dedicated chocolate carafe make it easy to enjoy rich, delicious hot chocolate or add a touch of chocolate to your favorite drinks. FEATURES: Bean-to-cup convenience: grind and brew in a single appliance, eliminating the need for a bulky grinder. Easy-to-use color display screen and push-button operation control the direct-to-brew heating system for fast, professional results. Six profile settings allow you to store your drink preferences and brew them with the touch of a button. Separate milk frothing and hot chocolate carafes are easy to swap out—great for quickly brewing a variety of drinks. Milk and chocolate carafes can be stored in the refrigerator until ready to use. Integrated conical burr grinder grinds your beans just before they’re brewed for the freshest flavor possible. Grinder bypass allows brewing with pre-ground beans. Height-adjustable coffee spouts accommodate a wide range of mug sizes. Drip try features a water-level indicator and removes for easy cleaning. Rinse and decalcification cycles ensure smooth operation, and brewing is adjustable to account for water hardness. Manufacturer: De’Longhi. Material: Stainless steel, plastic. Care: Wipe exterior clean. Follow manual instructions for cleaning and descaling. Dimensions: 11.02" x 16.73" x 15.55" Capacity: 1.4 L (water tank) Weight: 29.76 lb. Watts: 1350 W. Warranty: 2-year limited warranty. Made in Italy.
  • Krups® Milk Frother
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    Whip up dense, dry foam for cappuccinos or creamy, luscious froth for lattes with this versatile milk frother that also features a hot-milk setting—perfect for hot chocolate, café au lait and more. Comfortably pour from any position thanks to a secure, ergonomic handle and an innovative circular pouring rim. Included transparent lid lets you keep an eye on milk as it froths and helps keep milk warm until ready to use. Manufacturer: Krups. Includes: Frothing jug, base, lid. Material: Aluminum, stainless steel, plastic. Care: Wipe base clean. Hand wash jug. Dimensions: 6.3" x 5.1" x 7.5" Capacity: 50 ml. Warranty: 2-year warranty. Made in France. FEATURES: LED control panel features three presets: cappuccino, latte and hot milk. Frothing carafe features handy interior-volume measurements. Nonstick aluminum jug and a fully removable frothing device make cleanup a snap. The 360° base and pouring rim allow for smooth, easy pouring from any position. Cord stores in base when not in use, for clutter-free countertops. Comfortable, ergonomic handle provides a secure grip when pouring. Tight-fitting transparent lid allows you to keep an eye on contents when frothing.
  • Jura Impressa J9 One Touch TFT Automatic Coffee Center
    With the award-winning IMPRESSA J9 One Touch TFT, all your favorite coffee drinks are just one touch away. Simply turn the rotary switch and a menu of coffee specialties appears on the color screen. Press the button once, and your drink is prepared for you in as fast as 60 seconds. Jura's revolutionary milk foam technology produces luxurious micro foam for café-quality cappuccinos and lattes – and with the height-adjustable spout you can enjoy them in tall glasses. Fully automatic one-button brewing of espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato and ristretto. Easy, intuitive TFT color display with rotary selection. 5 coffee strength levels and 2 temperature levels. Fine foam technology creates milk froth with a fine, feather-light consistency. Height-adjustable cappuccino frother (up to 6"). Height- and width-adjustable coffee spout. Hot water nozzle. Aroma+ conical steel burr grinder reduces grinding time and noise by 50%. Bean container with aroma preservation seal keeps coffee beans fresh. 20-oz. stainless-steel vacuum milk container.
  • Krups Signature Series KM730D50 12 Cup Coffee Maker
    The daily brew. With a programmable clock & a keep warm feature, this coffee maker eases you into the morning by having a pot of the good stuff ready right when you wake up. Simply pick a time & refresh your wake-up routine.
  • Crate & Barrel Nespresso ® VertuoLine Chrome Coffee-Espresso Maker Bundle
    The premiere combination maker from Nespresso brews either an 8-ounce coffee or a 1.4-ounce espresso with equal precision and performance using new centrifusion™ centrifugal heating element technology that brews gently and fully. Brewing your cup is as simple as ever with the signature capsule system, quick push-button delivery and adjustable cup holder. Exclusive VertuoLine coded capsules in two sizes are automatically recognized, telling the system exactly how much water to heat—in a mere 15 or 20 seconds—for your desired beverage. This system creates rich naturally forced crema during espresso brewing. Capsules eject automatically without leakage. Accompanying starter pack includes 12 capsules designed exclusively for this line, including 8 coffee options and 4 espresso options. The VertuoLine is joined by the Aeroccino Plus chrome frother: two whisk attachments prepare two servings of milk to transform your espresso into a cappuccino, macchiato or latte (or heat milk for cocoa and recipes). Dual steam and froth features perform to perfection at the touch of a button; nonstick interior makes for easy cleanup. Calibrated pitcher lifts off base for convenience. Nespresso® and other Wedding Registry offers
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  • Krups Signature Series KH734D50 4 Slice Toaster
    A toast to excellence. Sitting pretty on your countertop in polished stainless steel, this 4-slice toaster makes breakfast & brunch prep simple. Five precision settings, six levels of adjustable browning controls & 1050 watts of power set the scene for doing more with even greater ease.
  • Crate & Barrel Nespresso ® Gran Maestria Espresso Maker
    Along with its stylish Nespresso countertop presence, compact brewing unit technology and high-pressure pump, the Maestria adds an integrated cup warming plate and frother for the full barista-quality coffee at home. Set the automatic volume control for espresso or lungo drink sizes and make cappuccino and other drinks with the Aeroccino 4 stainless-steel frother that froths either hot or cold milk. Fast thermoblock heating element that preheats in a mere 25 seconds reduces wait time. Quality construction features a full aluminum body, pivoting cup shelf and automatic cup warmer with instant water jet system. Removable water tank has a 47-ounce capacity. Capsules insert and eject easily, while the holding receptacle stores 10 to 14 spent capsules. Nespresso® and other Wedding Registry offers
  • Krups Programmable Coffee Maker
    Warranty Information. Stainless steel/glass/plastic. Hand wash parts. Imported. 10.20" X 10.0" x 15.03"; 12-cup glass carafe. Auto-on feature and keep-warm timer. Manufacturer's 2-year limited warranty.
  • Saeco Minuto Espresso Machine
    Keep every coffee lover in your household happy with the Saeco Minuto, the first fully automatic coffee machine for the North American market that brews both fine-quality espresso and regular coffee from whole beans. Making your selection is as easy as flipping the lever from espresso (brewed at 15-bar pressure) to coffee (brewed at low 2-bar pressure). Then choose your brew strength and cup length. A built-in ceramic grinder offers five settings, so you always get your perfect brew whether you prefer a full-bodied espresso, a frothy cappuccino or a lighter cup of coffee. Fully automatic operation; automatically grinds and doses the correct amount of coffee for brewing espresso or a medium or long coffee. Generates 2 bars of pump pressure for regular coffee, 15 bars for superior espresso topped with a coffeehouse-quality crema. Five coffee strength settings. Adjustable brewing temperature. 100% ceramic grinder for perfect grinding with five coarseness preferences. Adjustable spouts make it easy to brew beverages into different-sized cups—including travel mugs up to 16 oz. Automatic milk frother (cappuccinatore) allows you to froth milk on your own using the wand or to siphon milk from a container for preprogrammed frothing. Brews from whole beans or preground coffee. Hot water dispenser. Oversized control panel and display screen is easy to read. Automatic cleaning and de-scaling for easy maintenance. Compact footprint takes up minimal countertop space. Stainless-steel boiler resists corrosion. Brew group quickly removes for easy cleaning.
  • Krups Personal Tea Kettle
    Warranty Information. Stainless steel/plastic. Rinse clean carafe; wipe clean base. Imported. 7.68" X 7.68" x 10"; 1 liter capacity. Internal water circulation system for infusing tea. Self-locking removable lid. Mesh brew basket. Manufacturer's limited teo-year warranty.
  • Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive Automatic Espresso Maker
    In addition to café-perfect cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos, this Italian brewer produces delicious hot chocolate at the touch of a button, thanks to DeLonghi's advanced milk-frothing technology. The fully automatic system delivers your beverage in seconds, complete with steamed or frothed milk, right into your cup. Create a user profile and the machine remembers your favorite drink, every time. Fully automatic espresso machine offers five separate milk buttons for ease of use: cappuccino, latte, macchiato, frothed milk and hot chocolate. Easy-to-read color LED screen clearly displays all your options – just push a button and walk away. Personalization options are at your fingertips, including coffee strength, volume and temperature. Prepares two cups of coffee with a single brewing cycle. Long coffee button. Six user profile settings remember your ideal coffee drinks. Built-in burr grinder offers 13 adjustable settings for custom-ground beans – or use pre-ground coffee. Removable frothing system stores easily in the refrigerator to keep milk fresh and cold. Includes chocolate carafe and thermal milk carafe. Cup warmer helps guarantee the ideal serving temperature for your chosen beverage. Energy-saving function automatically turns off the machine's power after a specified amount of time. Product setup and product-care kits provided through complimentary DeLonghi Concierge Premium Service Program (see More Info tab for details). Made in Italy.