Krups® Infinity Press Slow Juicer
  • Omega Commercial Juice Blender with Copolyester Container, 3 HP
    This highly rated commercial-grade blender is one of our favorite items for any kitchen and makes a great gift. Great for quickly blending fruits and vegetables into your favorite drinks, sauces, salsas and more, the simple touchpad and variable controls offer the home cook precision blending at the push of a button. We love the innovative infinity function, which lets cooks achieve the perfect blend, and the powerful 1400-watt, 3-horsepower motor, which makes quick work of all your blending needs. The tough stainless steel blades and a 64-oz. unbreakable Tritan copolyester container are designed to work hard for years. Cap is removable for adding ingredients, and unit features an automatic shut off for overload protection. No plunger needed. Model: BL630S. Includes: Blender, and Tritan copolyester container. Care: Wash removable parts with hot water or in top rack of dishwasher at low temperature. Wipe the rest of the unit clean with a damp cloth. Capacity: 64 oz. Dimensions: 8" d x 19" h x 8" w. Material: Stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. Warranty: 10-year warranty. UL-approved. Made in China. BENEFITS: Powerful 1400-watt, 3-horsepower motor makes quick work of all your blending needs. Tough stainless steel blades. Unbreakable Tritan copolyester container. Designed to work hard for years. Cap is removable for adding ingredients. Automatic shut off for overload protection. No plunger needed.
  • KitchenAid Slow Juicer and Sauce Attachment
    Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet with this attachment that turns any KitchenAid stand mixer into an ultra-efficient juicer. Because the attachment utilizes your KitchenAid’s powerful motor, the juicer itself is small and compact—no need for a bulky separate appliance. Easily adjust juicing speed with the mixer’s control lever and fine-tune the amount of pulp in your juice with three different filters. A versatile kitchen tool, slow juicers make not only juice, but also creamy nut milks or mouthwatering jellies and jams. Manufacturer: KitchenAid. Model: KSM1JA. Includes: Attachment, 3 filters. Material: Stainless steel, plastic (BPA free) Care: Hand wipe unit clean. Removable components are dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 9.65" x 11.6" Weight: 4.8 lb. Warranty: 1-year warranty. Made in China. FEATURES Extra-wide feed tube accommodates large pieces of fruit and vegetables to reduce prep-time and the need to pre-cut ingredients. Three pulp screens make it easy to adjust the amount of pulp in your juice or sauce. Stainless steel blade pre-cuts ingredients prior to juicing to reduce jamming and to ensure full extraction. Low speed juicing maximizes extraction by crushing food to a pulp, then pressing it.
  • Krups® Juice Extractor
    Get the most from your fruits and veggies with this juicer. Featuring a powerful, high-speed motor and a durable stainless-steel grater, the Juice Extractor lives up to its name, turning even hard vegetables such as carrots into delicious, smooth juices. An extra-wide feed tube accommodates larger chunks, so less prep work is necessary. Includes an extra-large pulp container so you can spend more time juicing and less time cleaning. Manufacturer: Krups. Model: ZY501D50. Material: Plastic, metal, stainless steel. Care: Wipe unit clean. Removable components are dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 14¼" x 11¼" x 18½" Capacity: 2.2 L (pulp container) Warranty: 2-year warranty. Made in China. FEATURES Extra-wide feed tube (3" diameter) allows for easier juicing and requires less prep work. High and low speeds and a pre-programmed speed setting allow you to control juice extraction; controls are backlit and easy to read. Stainless-steel basket features micro-mesh pores that allow juice to pass through but capture pulp. Safety locking mechanism prevents juicer from operating unless components are assembled correctly. Extra-large pulp container holds pulp from multiple fruits and vegetables, so fewer cleanings are necessary. Automatic power cutoff.
  • Kenwood Cooking Chef Kitchen Machine
    This might be the only kitchen appliance you’ll ever need. The four-in-one Kenwood Cooking Chef combines all the best features of a stand mixer, food processor and blender with an induction heating plate that cooks foods directly in the work bowl. Prepare everything from soups to steamed vegetables to sauces'all in one bowl and quicker than ever. Use the included attachments to chop, puree, blend, shred and slice. The Kenwood Chef was first introduced in 1950 by Kenwood, the British company founded by Kenneth Wood, and it has revolutionized food prep for generations of European home cooks and chefs. Now it's available for the first time in North America, exclusively through Williams-Sonoma. Variable speed control allows you to set the speed, including an intermittent stirring setting to keep from overworking foods, and a fold setting to gently mix on minimum speed. Mixer bowl safely locks into induction heating element. Induction heating element allows you to control the temperature of the mixing bowl from 68ºF to 284ºF. Induction cooking is highly efficient and brings your food to temperature in the shortest possible time. Cook ingredients right in the bowl while the machine is stirring them'perfect for risotto, polenta and more. 7-qt.-cap. mixer bowl has a steam basket, allowing you to steam vegetables, chicken, seafood and more right in the bowl. Blender includes 1.6-qt.-cap. work bowl made of thermal shock–resistant borosilicate glass and stainless-steel blades for blending, pureeing and even crushing ice. Food processor features BPA-free 1 1/2-qt.-cap. heavy-duty plastic bowl and stainless-steel blades for chopping, slicing and shredding foods. Integrated timer ranges from 5 seconds to 3 hours, counting up or down. Die-cast aluminum housing with a chromed plated metal and brushed stainless-steel detail and stainless-steel attachments. Machine can be customized with additional attachments (sold separately) for citrus press, pasta roller, pasta cutter, multi-food grinder and mini chopper mill. 4-in-1 Kitchen Machine Includes: Stainless-steel 7-qt.-cap. mixing bowl. Food processor attachment. Blender attachment. K-beater. Flexible beater with silicone wipers. Whisk. Dough hook. Stirring tool. Heat-resistant spatula.
  • Breville® Electric Citrus Press
    The world’s first active-arm citrus press—just pull down the handle to activate electric motor. This stylish, easy-to-clean citrus press is designed for fast, simple, and efficient juice extraction. Plus, the brushed, die-cast stainless-steel housing looks great in any kitchen. The QuadraFin™ die-cast aluminum cone maximizes juice from all sizes of citrus, from limes to grapefruits. Innovative arm action places fruit precisely over cone, and the soft-grip handle presses down easily. Set includes a stainless-steel course strainer. A safety mechanism prevents juicing cone from rotating without the arm being lowered, and the drip-stop juice spout keeps juice in your glass and not on your countertop. Easy-to-clean design features dishwasher-safe parts and convenient cord storage. Limited one-year warranty. 100 watts. 19 lbs. 7¾"W x 9¾"D x 17¼"H. Named one of “The Best Small Appliances” by Cook’s Illustrated
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  • Cuisinart 11-Cup Brushed Chrome Food Processor
    Warranty Information. Plastic/stainless steel. Removable parts: dishwasher safe. Imported. 11-Cup work bowl. Touchpad dough control with PowerPrep® metal dough blade. One-piece Supreme® wide-mouth feed tube holds whole fruits and vegetables. Touchpad fingertip controls. Includes stainless steel medium slicing disc (4 mm), stainless steel shredding disc, chopping/mixing blade, metal dough blade, small and large pushers, detachable disc stem, spatula, instructional DVD and recipe book. BPA free. 7" X 9.5" x 13" Manufacturer's limited 3-year warranty on entire unit and full 10-year motor warranty.
  • Kuvings Centrifrugal Juicer
    With a simple and easy to use design, the Kuvings® Centrifugal Juicer allows you to bring a healthy edge to your busy lifestyle. At an average of half the power usage and 3 to 5 times the strength, an energy-saving, powerful 350-watt motor gives you the maximum fruit- or vegetable-to-juice ratio possible, saving you time and money while providing the purest tasting and nutrient-filled beverages. Able to grind fruits with whole seeds and skin without stopping, it disassembles in seconds for quick cleaning. Warranty Information. ABS plastic/stainless steel. Hand wash; wipe clean base. Imported. Powerful motor makes it easy to cut, crush and slice even the toughest fibers in vegetables, fruits and grains for pulp-free, pure tasting juice. Afety Locking System: The unit will not operate unless the work bowl and its cover are properly locked on the base unit. Whole fruit with skin and seeds fit easily into the large capacity chute. Capable of 30 to 50 cups of continuous juicing, extracting only the pure and nutritious juice from the food. Stainless-steel basket and blade. 2 Speeds: Low (9,500 RPM) / Turbo (11,000 RPM) Ergonomic design that brings convenience, technology and simplicity to your kitchen. Manufacturer's limited three-year warranty. 14.4" X 9.9" x 17" 10.4 lbs. Includes a durable cleaning brush.
  • Ball® FreshTECH™ Automatic Home Canning System
    Take the guesswork out of canning with this innovative automatic canner. Featuring SmartPRESERVE™ technology, the auto canner precisely controls the exact time and temperature required to safely preserve most canning recipes without any additional input from the user. Ball’s most popular canning recipes come pre-programmed for perfect results every time. To use, simply place filled jars into the auto canner, press the corresponding recipe number and wait—the auto canner signals when the jars are perfectly preserved and shelf stable. Uses up to 85% less water than traditional water-bath canning and preserves recipes up to 30% faster. Manufacturer: Ball. Model: 116852. Includes: Unit, jar rack and lifter, user manual/recipe book. Material: Metal, plastic, glass. Care: Wipe base clean. Inner pot and jar rack are dishwasher safe. Use: Follow all instructions carefully. Dimensions: 15.6" x 15.2" x 13" Capacity: 3 quart jars, 4 pint jars, or 6 half-pint jars. Warranty: 1-year warranty. Made in China. FEATURES No stovetop required—operates with any grounded wall outlet (designed to North American specifications) Easy-to-read LED display panel and touchpad for recipe selection. Temperature, altitude and time sensors ensure perfect preservation every time. Seven built-in safety features encourage correct operation and help prevent mistakes. Preheats jars for faster canning. Hinged, locking lid for safe, easy access. Jar rack keeps jars from coming into contact with the bottom of the pot. Included jar lifter makes placing and removing jars a snap. Comes with 26 popular jam, jelly, fruit, pickle, tomato, sauce and salsa recipes, with more available online. Learn more about the FreshTECH™ Automatic Home Canning System »
  • Nambé Infinity 4-Section Hors D'oeuvre Tray
    Nambé metal alloy. Hand wash. Imported. 9" x 8" x 3.5"
  • Onyx Stainless-Steel Ice Cube Tray
    This lever-style ice cube tray harks back to a classic 1950s design. Stainless steel is durable and makes for quick freezing of cubes, and it's a more environmentally and home-healthy choice than plastic trays. Sturdy 18/8 stainless steel. Makes 18 ice cubes. Nonporous material will not absorb freezer odors. BPA-free. Nonreactive steel can be used to freeze fruit or vegetable juice cubes and portions of baby food. Dishwasher safe.
  • Krups® Essential Citrus Press
    Easily prepare freshly squeezed citrus juices with this efficient electric citrus press. Works with any citrus—great for orange and grapefruit juice or for juicing lemons and limes for cocktails and cooking. An automatic switch turns the machine one when a citrus half is in contact with the juicing cone and shuts it off when the fruit is removed. Included stainless steel anti-drip valve prevents drips and helps keep countertops clean. Manufacturer: Krups. Model: ZX720143. Material: Acrylic. Care: Wipe unit clean. Removable components are dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 7.2" x 7.2" x 13.2" Watts: 8 W. Warranty: 2-year warranty. Made in China. FEATURES Constructed from premium translucent acrylic, this sleek, modern machine is at home on any countertop. Automatic on/off switch for one-handed operation. Anti-drip valve for mess-free juicing. A plastic cover protects juicing cone when not in use. Stowaway cord helps keep counters clutter free when not in use.
  • Breville “The Boss™” High-Velocity Blender
    There’s a new boss in town. Pairing a formidable, 2-peak-horsepower motor with an ultra-efficient blade and carafe engineered to pulverize almost any ingredient, the Boss is the perfect way to create delicious green smoothies, hot soups, nut butters, spice mixes and more—even freshly milled flour. Thanks to its unique design, the Boss blends ingredients up to 50% finer than traditional blending for luxuriously smooth results every time. Smart, easy-to-use features like a variable-speed dial, five blending presets and an auto-clean function make the Boss a versatile and powerful addition to any kitchen. Manufacturer: Breville. Model: BBL910XL. Includes: Base, carafe, lid, tamper, scraper spatula. Material: Die-cast stainless steel, Tritan plastic (BPA free) Care: Wipe base clean. Auto-clean function cleans blades and carafe. Dimensions: 7¼" x 7¼" x 17¾" Capacity: 67 oz. Weight: 5.6 lb. Watts: 1500 W. Warranty: 7-year warranty. Made in China. FEATURES Incredibly powerful, 2-peak-horsepower motor smoothly blends even thick or fibrous ingredients. Five blending presets, including smoothie, green smoothie, frozen dessert, soup and pulse/ice crush make it easy to achieve the perfect texture. Variable speed dial makes it easy to fine-tune texture while blending. High-velocity ProKinetix blade and bowl system pulverizes virtually any combination of ingredients and creates particles that are up to 50% smaller than those produced during traditional blending. Smaller particles result in increased nutrient absorption and an ultra-smooth, luxurious mouth-feel. Easy-to-operate controls with large, backlit LCD display. Timer function for set-and-forget convenience. Dedicated cleaning function cleans blades and carafe at the touch of a button. Sleek, modern design features a die-cast base for increased durability and performance. Tight-fitting lid is vented to allow steam to escape when blending hot soups and features Breville’s ring assist for easy opening and closing. BPA-free carafe features handy metric and imperial measurements as well as a corner spout designed for drip-free pouring.
  • KitchenAid® 5-Speed Immersion Blender and Attachments
    This fantastic tool puts powerful blending, chopping and whipping right in the palm of your hand. With five speeds and five attachments, cooks will discover endless culinary options as the industry’s first interchangeable stainless steel bell blade lets them easily change between different types of blades with no hassles or tools. The powerful five-speed DC motor and 8" removable blending arm give cooks exceptional control to mix all ingredients with ease. Blend, puree, chop, shred, mince, froth, mix, whisk, emulsify, and aerate for smoothies, chopped graham crackers, frothy cappuccinos, shredded vegetables, whisked egg whites and much more. Attachment applications: S blade—Blend, crush and puree (smoothies, soups sauces, baby food) Multi-Purpose Blade—Shred, mince (cooked meats, beef gravy, ice) Frother/Beater—Froth, mix (frappes, cappuccino, cake batter, pancake batter) Whisk—Whisk, emulsify, aerate (egg whites, mayonnaise, vinaigrette, mousse) Chopper (2½ cup)—Chop (graham crackers, vegetables, parmesan cheese, salsa) Removable twist-lock 8" blending arm allows you to blend in any deep pot, bowl or pitcher. The 1-liter BPA-free storage pitcher with no splash lid reduces the need for multiple measuring cups or mixing bowls, so you can blend, serve and store in one container. The blender’s soft-grip handle won’t slip, and the patented design is perfect for comfortable handling. Patented removable pan guard attaches easily to the bell-blade assemblies and helps prevent scratching on cookware. Bell-blade assembly covers protect the blades when not in use. The five-foot round power cord lets you move throughout the kitchen. Cleanup is quick and easy with dishwasher-safe attachments and accessories, and you can organize your hand blender components in the included storage case. One-year warranty. 16" h x 2½" w.
  • Vitamix® Professional Series 750 Blender
    Create amazing dips, smoothies, frozen desserts, purees and more—even hot soups—with this professional-grade blender from Vitamix. With a lower profile than earlier models and a more efficient, quieter motor, the 750 packs the blending muscle of 2.2 peak horsepower into a convenient, countertop-friendly package. Five pre-programmed settings ensure consistent results, simple cleaning and smart blending—all with the turn of a dial. Bonus: Included hardcover Create cookbook features a wide variety of tasty recipes that highlight the Vitamix’s versatility. Try favorites such as Holiday Squash Soup, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Gazpacho, Peanut Butter, Banana Split Smoothie, Hummus, Almond Milk, Whole Fruit Margarita, and hundreds more. Manufacturer: Vitamix. Model: 1944. Includes: Unit, 64 oz. container with easy-grip handle and wet blade assembly, Create hardcover recipe book, instructional DVD, owner’s manual and getting started guide, tamper. Material: Stainless steel, BPA-free plastic. Care: Hand wipe exterior. Clean interior via pre-programmed self-clean setting. Do not place container or lid in the dishwasher as this may harm components. Dimensions: 9.4" x 7.7" x 17.4" Capacity: 64 oz. Weight: 12½ lb. Watts: 1440 W. Cord length: 6 ft. Warranty: 7-year full warranty. Made in USA. Get the recipe for Easy Mushroom and Leek Soup » Compare all Vitamix high-performance blenders: Click for details » Discover our favorite Vitamix recipes to get you going: Click here » Shop all Vitamix: Click here »
  • Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder
    Expand the flavorful and aromatic horizons of your morning coffee with the Capresso® Infinity Conical Burr Grinder. Commercial-grade steel burrs are cut to within 0.1 mm precision by computer-controlled grinding heads, and burrs are hand assembled in Switzerland for a precise fit. Transparent bean container with 8.8 oz bean capacity. Ground coffee container at base holds up to four oz. Sleek stainless steel finish on heavy-duty zinc die-cast housing with user-friendly control knob. Choose from a selection of 16 grind sizes ranging from extra-fine to coarse. Gear-reduction motor grinds slowly and quietly with minimal static and heat to preserve aroma and flavor. Timer ranges from five to 60 seconds. Pulse grind setting available. Safety shutoff function. Upper conical burrs remove for easy cleaning. Watts: 100. Cord length: 36.75 in. Wipe clean. Imported. Measurements: Weight: 6 lbs 4 oz. Width: 5 in. Height: 10 1 " 2 in. Depth: 7 3 " 4 in.
  • Nambé 10" Infinity Bowl
    Metal alloy. Hand wash. Imported. 10"
  • Nambe Infinity Bottle Opener
    The Infinity Bottle Opener is one of those highly practical objects that also happen to be a joy to handle and look at - in other words, a design triumph, courtesy of the talented Wei Young. Formed out of stainless steel that's been polished to a mirror-like luster, the lines of the Infinity Bottle Opener loop around and around, slightly thicker on the handle end, creating a perfect balance with filled-in the opener side. A fabulous any-occasion gift. Features: Material: Stainless steel. Filled-in the opener side. Stainless Steel Care and Use: Wash your flatware as soon as possible after each use. Stainless Steel Care and Use: Do not leave flatware in standing water for extended periods of time. Stainless Steel Care and Use: Keep your flatware away from open flame or sources of extreme heat. Stainless Steel Care and Use: Nambé Polish or a stainless steel polish may also be used to polish Nambé flatware. Stainless Steel Care and Use: Use care when using flatware and serving utensils together with Nambé Alloy serving pieces; they can scratch the surfaces. Stainless Steel Care and Use: Do not store your flatware in plastic bags or other wrappings that trap moisture; for safe storage, remove from original packaging and wrap pieces individually in a soft cloth. Stainless Steel Care and Use: Avoid acidic detergents, such as lemon or other citrus dishwashing soaps, as long-term use of these products can dull your flatware's finish. Stainless Steel Care and Use: Remove discoloration using a paste of baking soda and water. Infinity collection. Designed by: Wei Young.
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  • Hurom Premium Slow Juicer Model HU-700 with Cookbook
    Hurom's silent, compact premium juicer juices fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts and soy for delicious homemade juices, sauces, marinades, baby foods and more. Warranty Information. GE Ultem Plastic. Hand wash. Imported. 9.75" F x 6.75" W x 15.75" H. Slow Squeezing System. Energy-efficient design uses only 150W. Tritan® magnetic safety bowl with measuring scale. Pulp control lever and juice cap. Nesting juice and pulp containers. Two cleaning brushes. Coarse and fine strainers. Included cookbook features 100 recipes for juices, smoothies and more. Manufacturer's limited 10-year motor warranty; 2-years parts warranty.
  • Mauviel M’collection de Cuisine Roasting Pan + Free towel and Rack
    Bonus Gift: With your purchase of M’collection de Cuisine cookware, you’ll receive a roasting rack and an exclusive kitchen towel. Our towel was inspired by a towel given to a 7th-generation member of the Mauviel family by her great grandmother as she was just learning to cook. This towel celebrates the legacy of this renowned cookware family and their passion for cooking. Limit of one towel per order. Perfect for roasting chicken, lamb, vegetables and more, the roasting pan concentrates heat onto cooking meats and collects the resulting juices—a staple of French pan gravies and sauces. Find the right roasting pan for you with our handy comparison chart. M’collection de Cuisine pairs centuries of experience and impeccable technique with modern design principles and technology, resulting in a collection that exceeds the demanding expectations of professional chefs yet offers the user-friendly features home cooks love. Flawless five-ply construction, a dripless rim designed for pouring, comfortable handles that stay cool while cooking, and a classic style ensure that this hand-finished, heirloom-quality pan will have a place in your kitchen for years to come. Manufacturer: Mauviel. Use: Easily accommodates up to a 25-lb. bird; oven safe to 680° Material: Stainless steel; aluminum. Care: Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 16" x 12" x 3½" (interior); 18 5/8" x 12¾" x 5½" (exterior, handles included) Warranty: Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Made in France.
  • Dash Slow Juicer, Stainless Steel
    This innovative juicer from Dash produces over 30% more juice than traditional juicers in a sleek, quiet design. It's reduced-friction process creates no foam for more vitamins and nutrients in every glass. Warranty Information. Stainless steel/BPA-free plastic. Hand wash base with warm water; pulp container and juice jug are dishwasher safe. Imported. 11.34" X 6.02" x 13.58" 250 watts with three settings: on, off and reverse. Juices wheat grass and nuts. Includes a pulp container, 25 oz. BPA-free juice jug and food pusher. Manufacturer's one-year limited warranty.
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  • Kartell Infinity Bottle Holder
    Features at a GlanceInfinity Bottle Holder Comes in a gift pack of 16 pieces. Features at a GlanceInfinity Bottle Holder Made of batch-dyed polypropylene. Features at a GlanceInfinity Bottle Holder Made in Italy. Quality: In 2005, Kartell received accreditation for its Quality Management Systems according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. The attainment and preservation of this certification testifies to Kartell's commitment to high quality and continued research into higher levels of quality in company management systems. Helping the Environment: Kartell products use a wide variety of plastic materials, thereby reducing the use of living organisms, such as trees, which are difficult and time-consuming to replace. Helping the Environment: Most Kartell products are easily recycled and product components can be separated to elements made of a single material to simplify the recycling process. Plastic components also carry clear identification marks to aid correct separation of different plastic types for effective recycling. Care and Maintenance: Kartell products are easy to clean and require only simple care to remain in excellent condition. Here for specific information on the proper cleaning and use of Kartell materials.
  • Breville Ikon 5 Speed Juice Fountain
    Warranty Information. Stainless steel. Hand wash removable parts. Imported. Delivers an 8-ounce glass of juice in under 5 seconds. 12.8"W x 12.4" x 11.3"H. 900-Watt motor, five speeds. 3" Circular feed tube acccomodates whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting, slicing or peeling. LCD display. Manufacturer's limited 1-year warranty.
  • Kenwood Kitchen Machine Citrus Press Attachment
    Designed to work with Kenwood’s Kitchen Machines, this citrus press attachment is great for juicing oranges, grapefruits, lemons and more. Freshly squeezed juices make a delicious start to the day or a tangy addition to recipes. Attachment easily snaps into the top mount of any kitchen machine and features a handy spout for drip-free pouring. Manufacturer: Kenwood. Model: AT312. Material: Stainless steel, plastic. Care: Components are dishwasher safe. Use: For use with Kenwood Kitchen Machines. Dimensions: 8.3" x 8.3" x 6.1" Capacity: 20 oz. Made in China. Discover our favorite Kenwood recipes to get you going: Click here »
  • Breville® Infuser™ Espresso Machine
    Prepare barista-quality drinks at home with this innovative machine designed for espresso aficionados who have a taste for style as well as coffee. Gleaming, die-cast stainless-steel machine looks great in any home and makes customized beverages a snap. Grounds are pre-infused for optimal extraction, while the precise temperature controls ensure a perfect temperature throughout the brewing process. The dedicated hot water spout provides instant hot water for hot chocolates, Americanos and more, while the stainless-steel steam wand swivels up to 360° for impeccable control while frothing. Cleanup is a breeze due to a “dry puck” feature that removes excess water from the filter basket after extraction. Manufacturer: Breville. Includes: Espresso machine, single- and dual-wall filter baskets, coffee scoop, stainless-steel frothing jug, cleaning disc and tablets. Material: Stainless steel. Care: Hand wipe unit clean. Follow all cleaning instructions and descale regularly. Dimensions: 10.2" x 12½" x 13.2" Capacity: 61 oz. Weight: 17 lb. Watts: 1600 W. Warranty: 1-year limited warranty. Made in China. FEATURES The 15-bar Triple-Prime™ pump releases three bursts of hot water into the filter head, causing the grounds to expand for better extraction. Efficient, 1600-watt thermocoil heating system heats up quickly. Auto-purge function automatically adjusts water temperature after steaming for optimal espresso extraction temperature. Integrated stainless-steel water coil accurately controls water temperature while the electronic PID controls provide increased temperature stability throughout brewing. Dedicated hot water spout provides instant hot water for Americanos, soups, hot chocolate, preheating cups and more. Stainless-steel steam wand swivels 360° for velvety froth. Programmable volumetric control includes one- and two-cup shot volumes and manual override or reprogrammable volumes. Integrated cup-warming tray and a removable drop tray with an indicator that lets you know when it’s time to empty.
  • All-Clad TK Copper Core Sauce Pot
    A Williams-Sonoma exclusive, the All-Clad TK collection is a unique collaboration with Thomas Keller, one of the world's most celebrated chefs. Designed to bring Chef Keller's cookware preferences to home cooks, these All-Clad-crafted pans reflect his philosophy that any cookware collection should include a mix of materials intended for specific tasks. This sauce pot features copper-core five-ply construction for quick heat-up time and precise temperature control'attributes that make it ideal for simmering delicate sauces, reheating foods, and cooking soups, vegetables, beans and grains. Five-ply construction of securely bonded metals: a thick, extremely heat-responsive copper core sandwiched between two layers of highly conductive aluminum with an easy-clean brushed stainless-steel exterior and interior that won't react with foods. Allows for the quickest heat-up time, maximum temperature control and rapid, even heat distribution. Brushed magnetic stainless-steel exterior for durability and dishwasher-safe ease. Riveted stainless-steel handles stay cool on the cooktop and are ergonomically shaped for comfort. Flared edges for drip-free pouring. Made in USA.
  • Wine Enthusiast Fusion Infinity Pinot Noir Glasses/Set of 4
    Brilliant European crystal is fused with super-strong magnesium to form a break-resistant, lightweight, graceful wine glass. Science meets sophistication, and the result is shatterproof. Shaped to enhance aeration with a wide bowl and tall stem. Includes a 10-year manufacturer's limited warranty Glasses feature Wine Enthusiast logo on the bottom Lead-free crystal Each, 9?"H Each, 24.5 oz. Dishwasher safe Imported
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