Even though i had wrote"mean message" on my page "to do not raid item and taken my layout" things are still the same. "STILL THE SAME"

It was 2 months i guess since last time i did announced who copied my sets did talked about "this frequently annoying" copy/imitating.
then stop some weeks and now it's so many.
how annoying to see "some members create sets similar to mine" gosh just taken my idea already don't you? copy and paste on your page soon?

I keep silence not mean i'm accepted the way "some of you" tend to do like yea "i'm join this site over a year,i have many followers,i have done my original works etc." 

It was embarrassed to following each other and make the same composition/idea after i created sth new, a day/week later got taken by someone. i can't even looking to some members that i used to support suddenly imitating my works. " sure so many on feed page see it everyday"

SPEAK FOR MY FRIEND'S SAKE @stephaniee90 even well known acc did "clone her set" (changing some item) and get top sets that was shameless , my friend might shy,queit,less followers,and might not see it wasn't a big deal but I SEE IT A BIG DEAL.you're with many followers or what else i don't care ,you dont have to tend like it was your idea.

AND TO SOME MEMBERS YOU SURE KNOW YOURSELF TO COPIED our old sets like 2-3 years ago(we found it) ,copied our layouts and submit to our contests can you stop.don't you embarrassed?

I'm not expected my followings do such things like this to me. famous acc/precious own idea/pretend like nothing? 
i'm not saying many followers/popular acc cant be a copycat ,everyone can be copycat it depends on you will do it or not.someone famous copy less followers acc thinking about ppl not notice it.

*annoying i make set with Krystal coz her expression speak my mind i want to flip tables* 
to my original creation's followings sorry i need to bring this up again it way too much feed on main page i was confused and how advanced of some members take advantages of my creations.

I'll delete speak sth again from title in next 4 days or very soon.

Have a nice day:)

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