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Name- Arianna Lewis
Age- Seventeen
Looks- Amanda Seyfried, darhling
Personality- Well, it depends which mood she's in. All you need to know she's bxxchy, hard-hitting and not just an attractive threat, if you catch my drift.
Biography- When Arianna first opened her crisp green eyes on Jan- Oh please, cut the crxp. Arianna has a bad, bad, bad past. Oh, she's been a VERY bad girl!
You see, Arianna has a criminal record. Actually she probably has several, as her list of crimes and assaults wouldn't fit on five pages, let alone one. What's that? A gasp!? Why yes, dear daddy would NOT be pleased!
There are two sides to Arianna. Let's start with the side everyone sees. The beautiful rich bxxch, who loves manipulating others and Dolce & Gabbana. This side is a Queen Bee, and knows how to get under others skin. She also knows what she wants, and could achieve a lot more if she 'applied' herself. Please. A model didn't 'apply' them self to show off their beautiful figure. Oh, no. She applied makeup and was up in the gym, working her buns to steel, or in a studio, practicing her walk and picking at slight imperfections. That's exactly what this side of Arianna does. She picks and picks and picks at imperfections until finally, they give up the fight. Of course, these imperfections aren't real. No sirree! Arianna is a walking perfection. Her gorgeous shiny long blonde hair tumbles down her back, unless it's tied up in one of those cool hairdos it's oh so famous for. Those seductive mascara-encrusted green eyes of hers, that are used to enchant and manipulate her male 'admirers' are situated below her perfectly arched eyebrows. And that smile, oh, what a wonder. The type that could kill a guy with one shot. Her perfectly straight fluorescent white teeth, resting behind her oh so kissables, doused in lip gloss. The hair flick, that makes the boys queue, both, up and down the block just to get a look in.
Then there's the other side. She's still beautiful, but in a completely different way. Her waves of sunshine are pulled up into a messy bun, and thick black eyeliner is applied as well as a couple pounds of mascara. The smile disappears, and is replaced by that evil smirk that could at the same time turn milk sour whilst lure another guy into her trap. Her designer heels are traded in for scuffed sneakers, and her fashion label outfits are replaced by a hoodie and ripped jeans. The french manicure is disposed, revealing the real 'nails' that are bitten down to the core. This side heads out onto the streets, graffiti cans in hand, tagging the sights and spreading the message. This side does drug deals, and hit and runs for 'fun.' This side has been caught so many times, but never held or stepped a foot in court, due to her cunning blackmail and persuasion skills. The real side.
Secret- My my my, she has so many! Hmmmmm, lemme think. Her biggest one is probably her criminal side, as NO one knows about that, and Arianna intends it to say that way.
Flaw- She's dangerously close to being caught out!
Clique Choice- Elites or A-Listers would be ideal, Please!, but if not, I guess you'll decide that :)
Activeness: 8. It used to be 10, but school will be much tougher this year. Please understand I have a life(:

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