la bella vita; coulter rourke

coulter rourke
twenty-five years old
hometown: london, England
Coulter has a heart of gold and looks to match. He’s hardworking, loyal to a fault, and would never let you down. He grew up in London but moved to Milan when his wife got a modeling contract. Unfortunately she also got too busy to come home at night, which lead to fight after fight after fight. Now they’re separated and Coulter couldn’t feel more lost. His ex is looking for a divorce, and Coulter feels like if he can’t have her…. He doesn’t want anyone. He’s on a girl hiatus. Possibly permanently. Or at least until his gorgeous wife comes to her senses and realizes he was the best thing that ever happened to her. Well…. that’s how he sees it…. Girls might be flocking to him left and right, but he’s not just in it for the sex. He’s a monogamist and a romantic, so if you want in his pants? You better be really damn good at seduction…..or look just like his ex. That might work too…
style; business appropriate, he likes to look good, but prefers a nice t-shirt with a dark pair of jeans any day.
position: club manager
model: paul walker
taken by: @ssaarah
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