lbv; korinna king

korinna "kori" king
twenty-four years old
hometown: adelaide, australia
No matter if she's behind the dj console or walking through the streets of the city promoting the club, Kori is a girl who's hard to not notice and not just because of her appearance: if you look beyond that hot tiny body you'll find a sweet and caring yet fun girl who manages to be the life of the party and have a brain at the same time. Coming from Adelaide, Australia after graduating, her idea of spending a year off of school to go back packing through Europe ended in moving to Milan for good after meeting a sexy and charming Italian man. Five years later, she's still with Luca, but she can't help but wonder if she's missing out on something better.
style: corset dresses, original pieces of jewelry and bright colors mixed with black accessories and red lips. fun but never over the top.
position: dj | promoter
model: ashley sky
taken by: @gianna
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