Have not done a steampunk set in a long while.. so decided i should make one. I was really wanting to try one of the "hanging" sets, and hope that no one thinks that i am trying to copy their ideas or anything of the sort.

I am quite tired, as always, hehe. I have my tea to keep me awake, as well as mountain dew that did little to keep me awake a couple of hours ago while i was studying for my Literature test, math homework, Chemistry test, History test, and Spanish Test; all tomorrow. But that is nothing, we once had a total of six teacher-made tests in one day--including fine arts classes. But i am sure that others have had it worse?

I hope that everyone has a good night, i am to head upstairs to sleep in a little while, after i study more. Chao. Buenos Noches. Hablar con usted mañana!

Would be delighted if you pressed the link below and joined; we need a total of 11 members and hopefully counting down until we can start up with contests, thank you if you do join!
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