La storia della arcana famiglia - Jolly 

 The Moon

For @martasmiling :)
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Wrote 4 years ago
I'm glad you like it. :)
After that I deceided that Tom would be great for Jolly and found that picture, my first thought was you and how would you like this. :D

Wrote 4 years ago
waaaaaaaaaaaaaa so great! and thank you so much!! when I opened it and I saw gorgeus face i was internally screaming! really a wonderful gift :D

Wrote 4 years ago
@irtis So this is a dream cast set, right? For tarot cards. But who is the anime character, and what anime is the character from? I'm just asking this question because I'd love to add the sets to the Anime Dream Cast collection by others #5. These are very beautiful. Your layouts always are.

Wrote 4 years ago





Welcome friends to Fandomonium, a group for members of all fandoms on polyvore to come together. What ever fandom your part of, be it a tv show, book, movie, anything, you're welcome here.

☾;  Battle of the Ships

☾; Battle of the Ships

Started: 5.7.16
Auditions: Open [] Closed [x]
Audition Template:
Hashtags: #botshipss1
Moderator: @the-forgotten-wolf but now @galactic-tears
Inspiration: @elliebonjelly
Welcome to the Battle of the Ships, a group where fangirls battle it out to see which ship is the best!

To be a part of this group, simply fill out the audition template.

If accepted, you will compete by yourself against other members in different themed rounds (each round will last two weeks). If you fail to enter a round without messaging me with a valid reason as to why you have to miss it / have missed it, you will get a strike. three strikes, and you're out of the battle and will be replaced. Don't worry about being eliminated either. The end of the season is judged by points

Good Luck!
Note: Shout outs are worth 5 points each until contests start. For each shout out to be worth points, you must tag at least 5 active members.
Any kind of ship is welcome (friendship, family, romantic etc)!!
O1. No copying other set.
O2. No using templates.
O3. Always be nice, and get alone with other members.
O4. No nudity, bad words, or otherwise inappropriate behavior or conversation.
O5. Be Active. 3 strikes, you're out!

☾ Stef // @styleboy: Ship: Zouise (Zoella + Louise) // points: 60 // strikes:
☾ Ellie-Mae // @elliebonjelly: Ship: Muke (Michael + Luke) // points: // strikes! x
☾ Liv // @avengersgirl3: Ship: Storm Pilot (Finn + Poe) // points: 60 // strikes:
☾ Lisa // @miss-scarlet-wxtch: Ship: Maximoff Twins (Wanda + Pietro) // points: 55 // strikes:
☾ Eliza // @mikaelsonlegacy: Ship: Sterek (Stiles + Derek) // points: // strikes: x
☾ Bethany // @rosey-wolf-x: Ship: Madly Wonderful (Alice + Mad Hatter) // points: // strikes: x
☾ Natasha // @captainamericafan: Ship: Megstiel (Meg + Castiel) // points: 70 // strikes:
☾ Sarah // @the-house-of-wolves: Ship: Nygmobblepot (Oswald + Edward) // points: 60 // strikes:
☾ Shelley // @tightrope-of-weird: Ship: Johnlock (Sherlock + John) // points: 60 // strikes:
☾ Laura // @lunawulftaco: Ship: Starkat (Peter + Kitty)
// points: // strikes: x
☾ Gabriela // @h-awkeye: Ship: Mondler (Monica + Chandler) // points: 55 // strikes:
☾ Valentina // @onlyonemoredreamer: Ship: Princess Rover (Eretria + Amberle) // points: // strikes: x
☾ Maddy // @x-no-judge-zone-x: Ship: Violate (Violet + Tate ) // points: 55 // strikes:
☾ Courtney // @queenrowan: Ship: Evanstan ( Chris Evans + Sebastian Stan) // points: // strikes: x
☾Santhyia // @xheyitssanx: Ship: Cashton (Luke + Ashton) // points: 50 // strikes:
☾ Brooke // @brookeex: Ship: Everlark (Katniss + Peeta) // points: 40 // strikes:
☾ Ainsley // @sadtrashqueen: Ship: Lilo (Liam + Louis) // points: 55 // strikes:
☾ Faith // @wallflowxr: Ship: Clintasha (Clint + Natasha) // points: // strikes: x
☾ Mara // @puckleberryslushy: Ship: Scarlet America (Wanda + Steve) // points: 55 // strikes:
☾Natalie // @lonelyhearts-clubb: Ship: Malum (Micheal + Calum) // points: 55 // strikes:
O1. Stef // @styleboy
O2. Name // @Username
O3. Name // @Username
O4. Name // @Username
O5. Name // @Username
O6. Name // @Username
O7. Name // @Username
O8. Name // @Username
O9. Name // @Username
1O. Name // @Username

Anime Group

Anime Group

Okay this is an old group i know :D
But I am hoping to keep it going and not have it fall a apart like other old and inactive groups :)
I will be posting anime links to new anime's, anime style trailers of movies and AMV's (anime music video's that are fanmade)

Got Anime?

Got Anime?

Well the title says it all but not only is this group about anime but about manga as well :) So...
Got Anime?
Then show me what you got :D


Hi There, this Group was created on February,11,2012. This was inspired by ANIME of course! Here are a few rules and things that will be happening in this group.
1-This group is for anime sets only.
2-I ask that you please don't post any nudity.
3-we will be having lots of contests in this group.
4-Feel free to message any of the moderators at anytime.
Group Founded By-Hollisterlove11 AKA PrincessLuka16
║╚╝╠══╦╦══╦═╗ Put this in your account
║╔╗║╔╗║║║║║╩╣ if you love anime!


Who's Active?

Who's Active?

35 sets from 35 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Enter in ONE anime set (old or new) to show that you are still on polyvore. NO TEMPLATES! Any other kind of anime set is allowed; including dream cast sets. 4 weeks, 12 winners, one set limit.

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