❖ Odile Belle Brideau
age: 21
from: paris, france
status: daughter of the french representative to the united nations
Odile is a true example of the French socialite. Her father being an important political figure, and her mother a couture fashion designer; Odile grew up in the public eye. However she is not outwardly vein about it, even though occasional glimpses of arrogances shine through her demeanor. Overall Odile is composed, well-spoken, and destined for success. With her beauty, intellect, and status it was no surprise when Odile caught the eye of Prince Louis her freshmen year at La Sarbone. The couple were the talk of France and many thought she was poised to be the next Queen of France however the relationship fell flat. After a year of dating, the couple became unstable and their weekly break-ups became tabloid gold. However it finally ended when Odile was caught sleeping with another French socialite and La Sarbonne student. Recently her and Louis have salvaged a friendship, and he even asked Marie to invite her to court. However while Odile is convinced she is over Louis, many believe old feelings will re-surface and even Odile may realize she made a mistake.
model: juju ivanyuk

collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1475214

top five:

1) Ok tell us about your past, where do you come from?

I'm from Paris, I've always lived here, and I imagine that I always will. My father is an ambassador, the permanent representative of France to the United Nations - Étienne Brideau, you've heard of him, undoubtedly. My mother is a couture designer, she's Parisian in every sense of the word, I admire her... I grew up in a strange world, we travelled quite often and I've seen almost every corner of the globe, but France was always my home - my mother and I lived here while Papa was abroad, he'd come back every now and then and whisk us off to another destination for a few weeks. I was always dressed in the most beautiful clothes designed by my mother, my father would bring me presents from his terms in different embassies. I think, because of his job, and because I've travelled with him, I've developed a very holistic view of the world, I'm anxious to explore even more of it - the very depths, you know, places that aren't on the tourist maps? That's why I studied Geography and Politics at the Sorbonne, I wanted to be a cartographer when I was little - everyone laughed at me, all the other girls wanted to be ballerinas, but I wanted to draw maps. That's where I met Louis, of course - I know you were waiting for me to mention him - and I'm grateful for the time we spent together, because I started to understand the other side of France. I'd always lived in this political sphere but the royal family, they were something completely different, seperate to the world I'd grown up in. But of course, they all loved my mother's clothes, so I think they were grateful to have me!

2) How do you know Marie, or if you don't what are the circumstances around you being invited to the wedding court?

Despite what you'd expect, I didn't meet Marie first through Louis - she'd always been a fan of my mother's clothes from a young age, and I used to see her at fittings quite often. We'd always chat, play sometimes when we were younger, but we lived in two different worlds. It wasn't until university that I really started to get to know her, because I was spending so much time with Louis. As I said, his family did really like me, they liked that I was so strongly politically connected so they'd always invite me to spend time with them - dinners at the palace, holidays to countless beautiful destinations - Marie and I had a lot of time to bond. We've remained friends, and I would still consider Louis a friend, so I don't think it was a difficult decision to invite me to the court. They knew that I have too much dignity to cause a fuss about anything - and I've moved on, Louis is a different person to me now, so I don't think they were worried that I'd run down the aisle and steal the groom or anything like that.

3) Can you tell us a few personal strengths and weaknesses?

I'm very well-travelled, very worldly, I think - it's hard not to be when your father is a diplomat, but I always took to the world with open eyes, I've always wanted to know everything. I'm smart, of course, but I also have a depth of knowledge that's far beyond the norm because of things that I've seen, it's helped me get ahead. I'm very independent, even though my parents have always provided for me, I like to do things for myself. 

My weaknesses... well, I'm very proud. I won't allow people to feel sorry for me, I've never wanted pity. It was really hard when Louis and I broke up, because I could tell that people did pity me - and others hated me - though I would never admit any wrongdoing. Because, you know, people love to judge things like that from the outside, but they didn't realise that the fault wasn't mine. So I'm proud, and I won't ever admit that I'm wrong, and apparently this rubs some people the wrong way.

4) What are you most looking forward to about moving to Versailles and taking part in court?

I'm very excited to be with Marie and my old friends from the royal family again - even if it's in a different context, I think we have so many things to catch up on. The palace is beautiful, of course, I'm so looking forward to being surrounded by history constantly. Of course, I'm thrilled to meet all these people from around the world - I've heard my old friend Judith will be around, I'd love to catch up with her as well, I haven't seen much of her lately, she's always off with her new friends.

5) What is one thing the world should know about you?

That I'm not 'the ex', I'm completely my own person and I've always existed outside of the royal family - I don't need them to survive; this is something I'm doing as a favour to a friend, not to try and weasel my way back into Louis' life. Assumptions will be made, of course, but those assumptions are wrong.
(out of character)
~ why did you choose this character?
i really liked the idea of this roleplay because it's reminiscent of court of lies - one of my favourite rps ever - and odile stuck out to me first. she reminds me a lot of myself, in her personality, so i thought she's be easy to relate to. i like that she's strong, but with flaws that would unravel more as you pick at them... she'd be a good character to develop.

~ can you honestly be active?
i'm only in two other roleplays, so yes.

~ why should we choose you for this character?
because i'm fantastic. because i can relate to her, and i've been in a roleplay like this before.

- As it says in the interview, Odile has always wanted to be a cartographer. She studies politics because her father wanted her to, but geography is her first love - she's hoping she can one day combine her studies and find a job that she loves.

- She'll often take long walks around the city - for hours - as it helps her think. Odile thinks so much, she needs to clear her head quite regularly, otherwise she'll break down or lash out. She'll spend quite a bit of time in the gardens at Versailles for much the same reason.

- Odile is, of course, a natural French speaker, but she's also fluent in English, Arabic, German and Russian. Her teachers have always told her she has an aptitude for languages, but she never wanted to study them exclusively.

- Though she's always had a slim figure and perfect skin, Odile loves to eat. She'll eat anything. People often joke about her bottomless stomach, but she always has some food in her bag, and she'll undoubtedly be the first person to ask for seconds. Her friends tease her about it, but she isn't sensitive.

- Finally, Odile pretends to be completely okay with Louis' wedding, but she's jealous that someone else is walking down the aisle. She knows that Louis isn't right for her, but she wants to be part of the royal family - partly because she loves the people and the lifestyle, but mostly because she knows it's what her father wants. He's always 'wanted the best' for his daughter, and you can't get much better than the royal family. She's worried that she might have disappointed him by not holding on to Louis.
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