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1. For the records, please state your full name, date of birth, and age.
My full name is Addison Mary Gonzales, I was born May 25th and I’m 25 years old. 

2. Are you a native New Yorker, or were you born and raised elsewhere? 
I was born in Long Island, so I’m /technically/ a New Yorker, but I’m not the important kind of New Yorker. I lived in the city for some time but for the past year, I’ve been back in Long Island at my parents’ house. 

3. Please include a detailed family history, include names, ages and professions. We want a back history as far as you know, don’t just stop at your immediate family.
Dr. Hector Gonzales|48
He’s currently a premiere surgeon working at NYU. He has always been very pre-occupied with his career, but still maintains a close relationship with Addison. However, the current state of his marriage has caused some friction between the two. {Javier Bardem}
Rachel Gonzales (nee Alcino)| 46
Rachel, a former nurse, is the one who keeps the house from falling to shambles. Addison and her mother are constantly fighting, but underneath it all there is a deep layer of love, respect and affection for each other. Her recent marriage troubles haven’t held her back much, but Addison has stayed by her side regardless. {Halle Berry}
Jordan Gonzales | 21
To say that Jordan is Rachel’s favorite would be the understatement of the century. She is the typical spoiled younger sibling. She gets everything she wants. She gets to do everything she wants. She gets away with everything she wants. In Rachel’s eyes, Jordan is perfect. She recently dropped out of NYU to pursue a musical career, and --much to Addison’s chagrin—it’s actually paying off. Jordan’s gaining some notoriety amongst the LA hipster scene, and loving every second of it. {Zoe Kravitz}

Eva Alcino | 36
Eva is Addison’s aunt and favorite family member. She’s a publisher at Simon & Schuster. She is currently engaged to a mega-hottie. Along with Rachel and Addison [her bridesmaids], she is planning her perfect wedding for late September.

4. Describe your upbringing in the utmost detail; how were you raised?
The first few years of my life were a bit rough. We lived in a cheap little apartment in Brooklyn. My father was still a lowly surgical resident, drowning in mile high student loan debt, and my mother just starting as a nurse. Eventually, she got into the nurse’s union and ended up being our family’s main bread-winner. However, my parents were working long, stressful hours, which began to wear on them. According to my dad, there were a bunch of times when he thought of just giving up his doctor dream and just getting a job that would pay real money. One particularly damning time was when we were ousted from our apartment and had to move in with my grandmother. Not being able to support us hurt my father deeply, but my mother refused to let him give up. She knew all the sacrifice would be worth it, and it was.
By the time I was 10, we were back on our feet and moving out to Long Island. The first house we lived in was nice. It was a small one story house with four bedrooms, nothing particularly special. However it was such a drastic change from living in my grandmother’s cramped apartment that my sister and I loved it. We would spend hours playing in the yard, riding bikes down the road, bouncing on the mini-trampolines that my fun aunt had bought us against all of my parent’s wishes. Simply put, we enjoyed our childhood every way possible. A few years later, when my father’s success kicked in, we moved into a much larger house, complete with a pool and huge backyard. Those were the good days for me and Jordan. There was no real fighting, just a bit of bickering back and forth. We would talk every day for hours on end. We would play together. We were truly friends. As we got older everything changed.
Our age difference might have had something to do with it. After all, we were four years a part. But I never really see that as the contributing factor. No. To me, it’s always been one simple event that broke us up: the day that tiny little eight year old stood up in our tiny church and belted out a song worthy of Aretha Franklin. After that, everything was different. Despite being the older child, I was no longer important. I was just Jordan’s talentless big sister. Suddenly, the whole world revolved around her and I’ll admit it, I was jealous. There were no more fun weekends; instead they were spent taking Jordan to this practice or that rehearsal. They were spent rushing from that recital to this showcase. It got even worse when everyone realized Jordan had a natural ability at playing instruments. I was a child forgotten, and I hated her for it. The point of no return came when Jordan began acting out in school and other respects of life, thinking that she would get away with it. Sure enough, the golden child got away with everything. In fact, /I/ was the one who would get in trouble because I apparently I was supposed to be a better role model, which was absolute bullshit. For a while, I just kept my head down and went on with my life. However, as high school and puberty reared their ugly heads. I began fighting back. I began arguing over the stupidity. I began to detest being ignored. I loathed everyone in the house and made it painfully obvious.
One day my dad turned on a Yankee game and sat me down to talk, but there really wasn’t much talking done. He didn’t force me to explain my bitterness. He didn’t make me talk about what was so obvious. He didn’t care. He just wanted an end to the hostility. And it worked, so much so that the fighting died down for quite some time. That’s how my Yankee love was formed. After that, things got better. They never went back to how they were, and I doubt they ever will; however, we’ve at least found a way to be able to be in the same room together. That’s progress, right?

5. Give a detailed account of your secondary and post-secondary school experiences. Who were you back then, do you have any notable accomplishments. 
I’ve never been much of a student, preferring socializing to studying; however, I still managed to keep a B+ average throughout high school. My first year of college kicked my ass, though. It was intense. I went to James Madison University in Virginia aka a LONG WAY FROM LONG ISLAND. I went crazy, so much so that I was put on academic probation after my first semester. After that I buckled down a bit more and got used to the new found freedom and pressures of college. I graduated with honors, surprisingly enough.

6. We would like to know of any relationships you’ve had thus far and of any you are currently involved in.
Relationships and I are kind of a bad combination. Things don’t usually end well. I get bored easily when things are too calm, which is apparently what relationships are supposed to be. I think rom-coms have totally ruined me. 
Notable past boyfriends: 
-My first love was Nick Carter from The Backstreet Boys. Things never really progressed how I wanted them to, seeing as we were strangers and I was 7 while he was like 20.
-My first ACTUAL love was a guy named Aaron Davila. We met in high school, fell in “love,” he then cheated on me with my “best friend” and now I hate him. Ok, to be honest, I don’t hate him anymore but the wound is still a bit sore. 
-I fell for another guy in college, Tyler D’Amor. He was crazy hot, and really sweet but I eventually got tired of that and dumped him for a jerky soccer player. 
-Jerky soccer player was horrible in bed, but fun to be with regardless. He got a contract to play for some European soccer team and left me high and dry. 
-A flurry of casual flings and one night stands occurred. 
-I currently am dating/hooking up with/seeing/idk[?] Travis Harper, an engaged 30-something doctor who happens to be my father’s protégé. 
7. What do you do for enjoyment, where do your interests lie?
Does casual sex count as a hobby? I hope so. If not, I don’t really do much. I am one of those horrible shut-ins who just eats, sleeps, and watches TV. I like to cook, and my buddy Wednesday was in the process of teaching me how to bake. Aside from that, I’ve got nothing.

8. What is your profession, what type of hours do you keep?
For the past year, I have been working at a shitty dead-end diner. However, as of next week, I will be the new Administrative Assistant at Fête. I previously held an intern position at House Beautiful magazine, but after the internship was over, I was not offered a full-time position. Ultimately, I would love to have a career in interior design but that dream seems to be getting further and further out of reach. 

9. Give us a vague outline of your daily routine.
Well, my routine is soon to change but right now it goes as so:
-Wake up
-Eat breakfast
-Watch cartoons
-Go to the diner where I proceed to hate my life for 8-10 hours.
-Go home
-Watch Netflix
-Around 2 get a call from Max
-Meet up/hook up
-Come home

10. And finally, why do you want to become a tenant at Central Park South?
I need a change. I’m in a rut and I need something to get me back into the real world. Long Island is not where I belong. I am a New Yorker at heart, I just need another chance at another NY life.
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