Amélie "Ami" Liú
AGE: twenty-seven
NEIGHBORHOOD: formerly Williamsburg, Brooklyn but has moved in with her BFF in the East Village of Manhattan
BIO: Born in London, Amelie's lovely parents - a well-known deceased freelance Chinese architect and a popular British fashion designer - moved their two children to Palm Beach, Florida. Florida! Out of all places…well, Ami just didn't fit in well among the snooty nasals, and instead grew up liberally at an art school across the bridge, writing her heart out. She moved to the Big Apple at the age of 18, swearing to fulfill her "American Dream", having read too much Steinbeck. She attended Pratt with tuition half-paid (her wealthy parents, who still try to save every dime, were pleased) and earned a BFA in Writing. Yes, she's an arts school kid.
Ami's been quipped as 'The Modern Day Jane Austen' with a dash of Jane Eyre's spunk, tragically appealing like the Brontës. She's fallen for this boy and that her whole life, writing great stories about it all: the adventures her heart leads her in. After earning her BFA, her resume and portfolio was polished with internships and jobs from lame coffee/book shops; meanwhile, she slaved as an intern and then assistant at Elle magazine, soon becoming Contributing Editor after introducing various of ideas for the magazine.
But now she's landed a column with one of the city's biggest newspapers, and one of the country's most famous, The New York Times. 500 words to sum up the city's love life in the paper's least read section: Sex and Relationships. She's earning about $500 a week for writing a column, living the single life of a twenty something...how exciting is that?
Now she’s the go-to in her group of friends, whom she's nicknamed "The Love Club". Seeking advice or just comfort; her apartment door is always open and so is her couch. Just be careful: a lot of what comes out of your mouth might be turned into a comedic blurb in the infamous column.
OCCUPATION: Sex & Relationships columnist for The New York Times, as well as a freelance writer and photographer
STYLE: Classic, tomboy, "effortlessly chic", Annie Hall meets Audrey Hepburn
LIKES: Coffee (in the morning) and tea (at night), photography, American Spirits (Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays), the smell of new clothes and gasoline, novels, flowers, strawberries, traveling for pleasure, Jane Eyre and men
DISLIKES: Pushy shoppers and editors, clip-on ties, attention-seekers, tight fabric, being photographed without permission, guidelines and deadlines, traveling for work and men
MODEL: Alexa Chung
TIMELINE [as told in her intro. story]:
[Ami is born in London]: August 12th, 1988
[Moves to Florida]: September 2001, right before high school, weeks after 9/11
[Ami’s father passes away of colon cancer right before she starts her sophomore year]: August 13th, 2003
[Adam]: Met in May, dating by June 12th, 2004
[Move to NYC]: August 12th, 2006
[Adam decides to move to NYC to be with Ami]: January 30th, 2007
[Adam moves back to Florida, they break up]:
January 10th, 2008
[Ami is writing for She magazine, editor for the 'Life & Love' section and later promoted as contributing editor
/ Meets Bryan while writing a feature story on his up-and-coming band, 'The Monkeys']: January 2010
[Ami and Bry split—Ami starts writing for Times]: January 2013
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Wrote 9 months ago
i luv u

Wrote 9 months ago
@mclovinn yes to everything you wrote, YES YES YES YEEESSSS
also YES collars with "Ryan the movie star" I'm laughing so hard STYLES
I stole him for L&L before anyone else could hehehehehhee

Wrote 9 months ago
lol this is really ironic bc of the boy I'm using for my character..heh
and the fact that harry is friends with alexa makes him x1000000 more attractive

Wrote 9 months ago
Alexa being Ami made me remember a model I've been dying to use!
Also she's such a cool cat,
I'm glad you're still gonna write for her aahhh

Wrote 9 months ago
@lalasparkles thank you!! I'm so so happy you're going to join. I hope you like Ami - she's basically who I strive to be, haha!

Wrote 9 months ago
I missed your earlier Ami stories... but this makes me excited to read the new ones :-) Awesome, doll!

Wrote two years ago
@ohofkors blushing!!!

Wrote two years ago
....perfection does exist apparently.

Wrote two years ago
@vampire-weakend LOL it's nothing, it was just random musing, which I do a lot of. That and pointless melodrama. Alexa is my idol toooooo she's too cool for schooooool~
and awesome about the connections! :D

Wrote two years ago
@wishes-and-dreams aw, sorry! alexa is my IDOL my ROLEMODEL errrrything
but yes yes yes to everything you said!!!!
@emgeemtee I NOTICED THAT! it's like we're playing generation 3 but with opposites of the characters? something like that

Wrote two years ago
I like how everyone in MMN is so promiscuous and everyone in this one isn't. YAY 4 OLDER PEOPLE HAVIN LESS SEX WEE.

Wrote two years ago
emmmmm. it's weird seeing alexa when I'm so used to using her for my bai character. but they're kinda similar hehe.
anyways~ remember what we said about Ami running to Andi for general life problems and she in turn can write about her friend who has only had sex with the same guy for the past six years in her column and generally ribbing on her and such?
well I added the second part, but I think it could work
oh and the occasional smoke buddiessss. YUM.

Wrote two years ago
@emgeemtee hehehehehhe
@etchasketchinlola I thought she was quite the loser! Everyone has a pretty cool past and such...haha!
@cestlula I'll see what I can stir ;)

Wrote two years ago
guess who i spot sitting next to each other???
pharrell's gonna be like a close pal/bro from different mama to flo. I SENSE WONDERFUL THINGS HAPPENING BETWEEN AMI AND PHARRELL'S CHARACTER SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE.
okay i should stop pressuring you with all these random thoughts in my head...

Wrote two years ago
Oh my, I feel like she's too cool to even know my character lol.

Wrote two years ago
"Always shopping........ Literally always shopping."
I lol'ed.
She is a cool kat.


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