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I was tagged by my sweet friend @chiara-s in her gorgeous set:

O1: create a set based on your personality. 
my favorite color pink, Pics from the Paris 2013 spring show, Miu Miu dress, lace, creme booties, elegant and simple handbag *-*

then, answer these questions: 

O1: what is one quality you wouldn't change about yourself?
 Very passionate person - so passionate about things that I really love and from this, extends my generosity, kindness, and devotion. I love giving gifts to my loved ones and I have expensive taste, so they enjoy receiving ;)))
O2: what is your favorite quote? 
"How do you spell love?" --Piglet
"You don't spell love, you feel it." --Winne the Pooh
O3: are you a blogger?
 No, just a polyvore addict ;) I wish everything in "my items" list is my wardrobe. Wow! I would never have to worry about what I'm going to wear the next day. For bloggers, I love to follow Chiara Ferragni and Miroslava Duma. Their style is each so unique and they wear it so well *-*

O4: where would you like to meet your e-friends?
In Paris or St. Tropez *-*
O5: what do you believe in? 
The secret to having it all is knowing you already have it ;) When you think positive and are really grateful with what you have, no matter how small or big, it will bring you more beautiful things in life.

O6: do you like this set? 
Yes, I love pink and lace and Miu Miu and all things pretty, so yes, I love my set :D haha...kidding...I love MORE my Poly Fans/followers. Thanks to all, hope you like it ;D

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@chiara-s - thanks for the original tag!
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