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Passion For Fashion (Outfit Only)

Passion For Fashion (Outfit Only)

Show me YOUR Passion For Fashion!
NOT Allowed(unless specified for a contest):
1. Backgrounds.
2. Models/Mannequins(see 'Allowed section' #9 for exception).
3. No Body Parts (only exception is for 'sheer' tights, see #8 in 'Allowed section').
4. Pictures.
5. Hair.
6. Text(excludes signature, see below).
7. Electronics, Cameras, Headphones, Phones, etc.
8. Clip Art.
9. Bouquets.
1. Clothes.
2. Shoes.
3. Fashion Accessories.
4. Signatures.
5. Make-up Products(NO Pictures of make-up).
6. Subtle Shadowing/Blur effects for under items.
7. The Odd Camera Shutter/Flash effect.
8. 'Sheer' Tights; that you can see the leg through, as long as the tights fully cover the legs and that is all that is visible in the set.
9. Torso/Bust Mannequins/Displays will now be accepted, IF they are attached to a Dress or Top. As it seems a lot of people are still submitting sets of this type.
Any other questions please send a Private Message.
Thanks, Sincerely.
Amber ♥
This Group was Created: January 2013

Simply Feminine

Simply Feminine

This group is for anyone who loves simple clothing with feminine style. All sets that focus on clothing are welcome however, contests will be outfit only. (No templates, backgrounds or writing except for signatures.)
NO NUDITY is allowed in any way and will be deleted if submitted.
Contests will be judged by, not only the clothes used in the set, but how they are laid out as well. We look for how well clothes are grouped together as opposed to scattered. Also, how clothing and accessories are placed within the set (i.e. are they distracting or complimenting). We consider how wearable the clothing/ accessories in the set are. How well did you sell your set; make it desirable and appealing? Last but not least (as in the group name) does the clothing reveal a simply feminine style?


You Make Me BLUSH ♥

You Make Me BLUSH ♥

563 sets from 138 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Create an OUTFIT ONLY set with at least One "Blush" colored Item.
No Backgrounds, Text, Models, etc.
Make-up & Signatures always allowed.
♥ 3 Days ♥ Unlimited Entries ♥ 12 Winners ♥
*Featured Items are only suggestions/examples.

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