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one year ago:

new contest up! 3 DAYS LEFT:


woooow, i reallly love this color  but i can't find a perfect match in the pictures ughh

i reallly want one of these shirts. they're like 15 dollars on amazon so i might buy one hah

alsooo supppper proud of everyone who marched yesterday. i don't know the exact number but there was a ton!! what a life. what a historic day 

but i have homework in all my classes ughh
so i have a ton of stuff to do

and my room needs cleaned

oh oh oh
so my sister, my dad and me went out to eat yesterday and we were talking about how much i want to travel cos i haven't been a ton of places. and how i really want to go on vacation this year. and we started talking about all the places i want to go, and then new york came up. i've been wanting to go to nyc for as long as i can remember. mostly for new years eve but i'll take it anytime. and he said something about going. and i thought he was kidding but then he said something about planning a weekend trip to nyc!!?? i live 9 hours from nork york city. but he said we could leave on friday and go and then be back on monday!!! and we'd be in nyc for a weekend!!! i was like we can go for my spring break it's in march. and he said, that's too far. !!! he said in like three weeks!???? but we'd have to leave at like 5am and i have class on friday so i don't know how that'll work
but if we do end up going, i'm going to take SOOO many pictures and maybe post them all on here ahha. i made a collection of pictures to re create ahha

if it happens i'm going to make a playlist and welcome to new york will be in it and WOW . when that song came out i listened to it and i just imagined listening to it as i was arriving in new york
BUT i'm excited and there's a good chance it won't happen. hah

but in other news, i'm almost completely vegetarian now!! i stopped eating all pork and beef and now i'm just eating chicken and fish. but i think i'm going to just eat chicken for the rest of this month and then cut that out and then slowly work on cutting out fish too

but all my family is like why???? why aren't you eating meat. animals are here to eat!!! ugh. like they're all like always rolling their eyes at me cos i don't wanna eat meat. thanks for the support guys 

well that's all hahah sorry if you read all that

see you later alligators, 
♡ tesla, c:

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Wrote 28 days ago
Nice set!

Wrote 28 days ago
i want one of those shirts too!!

Wrote 28 days ago
ah i love this! and it was so funny that there were more people at the place, where the inauguration ceremony was held, when the women's march was than on the inauguration day.

Wrote 28 days ago
I love that song



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