Lady Grey's Revenge

Dieselpunk for NaNoWriMo 2011.
Inspiration for and a first draft of my project: characters, settings and random facts. I might be updating this ;)
London. The year is 1925. A bunch of nifty flapper kids sally forth to Chicago on their newly won Flying Boat to chase adventures and have a hell of a time- it's Jazz, Party and Booze, Babe!
And wouldn't it be nice if that were it? Sure thing, but of course it isn't- and questions soon pile up. Has anyone fed the cat yet? Will they or won't they- or, do they at all? Is the board computer finally working or will the next shunt fault sent us crashing into the sea? Is everyone on board? Is that lunch edible? What actually *is* the cargo, and who are the men in the grey bombers? Is anyone still sober? And what's Al Capone got to so with it?
Between Moonshine and Speakeasies, the crew gets tangled up in the gang wars of Prohibition...
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