House Goodbrother of Hammerhorn (not to be confused with the other houses of Goodbrother)

Sigil: Gules, a warhorn sable banded 

Castle: The keep Hammerhorn, located on the Hardstone Hills on the isle of Great Wyk.

Lord: Markus Goodbrother

Motto: We Lie In The Ground

Lands: The Island Great Wyk, the keep watch over the mines.


Maskia brushed Asha's hair back trying not to sigh to often. She was a lady not a hand maiden, but she knew he place even if she was better than Asha she was a Greyjoy.

"Be glad you were born noble, Maskia. You would make a terrible servant, I would probably have you killed as not to deal with your incompetence any longer." Asha said with a light tone. Maskia was used to the empty threats of Asha, she had been the greyjoy's ward with her brother since they were young. Except Memphis was meant to marry the bitchh a fate Maskia had been spared from. She had never met Theon Greyjoy, for he was a prisoner of winter, but she doubted she would want to marry him any more than Memphis wanted to marry Asha.

The feeling was mutual. Asha despised the twins, Maskia suspected it was mostly out of jealousy. Her family proved to be bore the fairest Iron Maidens seen in centuries, and Memphis was handsome as well. There was a song or two dedicated to her beautiful sisters, but none for Maskia who hadn't left Pyke since she arrived. Asha on the other hand was as unsightly as a boil. 

"You are in a good mood, Asha. Usually your threats are much more feirce, I barely flinched. Nerveous about tonight then." It was told that her brother was coming to the feast tonight. He had returned only a few nights ago, but Maskia had not seen her.

"Why on earth would I be nerveous. I have already met with my welp of a brother. Enough, talking to you is tiresome. Go off and play with your brother." Asha said with disdain. Another reason she hated Maskia, her brother favored Maskia over many, especially over his fiance. Even though Asha was hard and wild as the sea, every woman desired the affection of her future husband.

Maskia made her way to the smallest tower of Pyke, it was refered to as the Goodbrother Tower now. Her and her brother shared the tower since they were little taking comfort from the Greyjoys gaze. 

Once in her chamber Maskia disrobed dawning a fine dress the color of the angry sea. Adorning it with little jewlry, paid for in iron.

With a faint knock her brother entered the room. "Well you look lovely." He said in a sincere tone. Maskia examined him in his black pants and plain shirt, with a traditional goat sash thrown across his torso. Even in this Maskia imagined he looked a bit like the knights the southerners were all so fond of. With his fine white hair and clear blue eyes no one could deny that Maskia and Memphis were twins.

"As do you, dear brother." Maskia noted that he wore no jewlry, her brother had killed one man in his life, a bit of a shame in Maskia's opinion but her brother was civilized and didn't go around shedding blood unless nessacary.

"Asha might actually be able to stand your company looking like that." I joked.

"It will take much more than me looking nice for us to get along. A great deal more wine specifically." He said.

Music sprang from the great hall signalling the beginnings of the feast. They made their way down to the great hall, Lord Balon had called upon his bannermen and loyal adivsors for a feast followed by the decision on what the Iron Islands will do in the war of kings. 

"Father will not be pleased that you do not bare the Goodbrother goat sash sister. Perhaps you forgot." Memphis said as they walked down the molding steps of Pyke.

"No, I have not forgotten. I will only honor my sash in sea and blood, not in some glorified dinner." I said sternly. Maskia also noted that it would embarass her father, even if only slightly Maskia would revel in it. Served him right for sending her and his only son away to the treacherous castle. Maskia could have been commanding ships by now if she wasn't prisoner, and Memphis wouldn't have to be promised to the wet bittch.

Once arriving in the hall, they took their seats side by side towards the end of the great table. Memphis wouldn't have the honor to side at the head until he and Asha were married and Maskia would never seen such a thing. Maskia noted her fathers seat was empty, she also noticed no one even took note. Goodbrother was to be the second house of the Iron Islands, controlling the Great Wyk but her father was a fool and made a mock of their position.

On the other hand the other empty seat in the room was duely noted. Lord Balon spat, cursing that his son had learned the airs of a girl prince in winterfell but couldn't bother to be on time. 

She ate her fish in silence, no one on this end of the table was worth talking to besides her brother and he was busy listening to the tale of a great fish. 

Her father saved her from her boredom, bursting through the door. He had grown much wider and more intoicated than the last time he had visited. Memphis stood out of respect and Maskia followed though much more reluctant. His beard had turned grey over the years and his white hair had grown dirty and thin. His beady eyes scanned the room and he had courtesy enough to nod in his childrens direction. Maskia sat, not letting her face show the slight embarassment she felt. 

The excitement of her fathers arrival was quickly over shadowed by Theon entering the room. He smirked down at Maskia before sitting down next to his father. It was an awkward thing, he was not as welcome back as he had hoped, Maskia watched as he tried to talk with his father while he paid him no heed talking to Asha and her father instead. A laugh slipped through her lips as his eyes filled with rage. The men sitting around her gave her a queer look before going back to their conversations. 

After the feasting was over Lord Balon stood calling his noble men into the other room leaving the rest to gather themselves and return to their inns. Memphis stood, and Maskia silently followed. She wasn't invited into the conversation but she would be dammned if she missed it.

"My son has brought a proposal from the Starks to ally with them in their petty war against the Lannisters." Lord Balon said once they all settle in whatever chair they would find.

"It is not petty father, they are fighting for free control of the North and we could have a place in that." Theon argued. Maskia listened intently hoping her father wouldn't embarass them with his unhelpful war advice. 

"The Iron Islands bend the knee to no one, Asha what is your advice, my daughter?" Balon said looking at his son with great distaste.

"The North is weak and unprotected leaving it open for the taking." Asha said clearly proud of her plans. Maskia cursed her silently. 

"The Starks will come back and slaughter our men 2 to 1." Theon said avoiding his sisters gaze.

"Iron men are worth two easily!" My father slurred.

"Enough, we will not ally ourselves with the Starks. Asha, you think like a true Ironborn." Balon took a long drink of wine before continueing. "Now if no one else has any plan to put in I need to-"

Maskia jumped at the opprotunity "My Lord, I think it would be best to accept the Stark's proposal. While the North is ripe for the taking wouldn't the Iron throne be better? An Iron king for an Iron throne." The whole table had turned to face the girl with slight looks of astonishment. 
"We need not bother with the South. We are taking the North while we can."

Maskia sighed "What good is the North when we only hold it for a short time?"

"We can hold the North, Memphis tell your sister to hold her tongue." Asha spat, she would not hear the end of this later.

"I do not control my sister, even if i wanted to. I think she has a point we have already been punished for starting the wrong rebellion why make the same mistakes, we may not like it an it might not be the Iron way but perhaps we could join the Starks or put our stakes somewhere else in this war. Allying ourself would not be unwise.We only would need to be allied for a short time until there is only one other king to deal with, not five."

Maskia scoffed "There is a king in every corner, we simply need to chose one who will win and give us the North to control."

Balon considered this in a moment, "Then we will have to see if we can find a king willing to let us live the Iron way."
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Wrote 4 years ago
love it

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Oh shit son she's Ironborn! *runs for the hills*

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Wowee the colours in this set are amazing! And the doll is absolutely beyond perfect :) :)



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