Ladylike Lace - Winners & Standouts

Another wonderful contest with so many amazing sets! We sure do have a lot of creative, talented members! I want to thank everyone for participating - we had enough participation to get trophies! It makes my judging job a lot harder, but it's so enjoyable to see all those beautiful sets! I had fun handing out our own group trophies last time, so I did it again! It's just for fun! If you'd like to put them in your sets, that's great, but you certainly don't need to. Anna and I just want to make you smile! Once again, there were more than 12 fabulous sets, so I've included some of the best sets here. I've also included some really pretty sets made by relatively new members to help them get a little more exposure and build up those all-important "Likes" that we all enjoy getting! Congratulations to all of you! If your set is in this collection, I loved it!! :)
PS If, for any reason, you don't want your set included in this collection, please let me know and I will remove it immediately!


Wrote two years ago
Thank you so much for adding my set!

Wrote two years ago
@lisa-arnold-holden thank you Lisa - you are so sweet and I love being in your group!! =)

Wrote two years ago
You're all very welcome! They are beautiful sets! With so much talent in the group, this gives me a great way to show it off a bit and say thanks for creating such lovely sets! @white-rosepetal @jan-harris @erissa @zipora-b @stylegeekk @seasonal-styler @sherri-2locos

Wrote two years ago
Dear Linda, thank you for choosing my set & adding it to your fabulous collection ♥♥♥

Wrote two years ago
thankyou soo much for adding my set to this fabulous collection of such talented stylists!

Wrote two years ago
Thanks a bundle for adding my set!! :)

Wrote two years ago
Such a amazing talent, I feel honored to be included in this collection!! Thank you sweetie!!

Wrote two years ago
Thanks for adding my set in your wonderful collection :)

Wrote two years ago
Thank you very much dear,beautiful :)))))

Wrote two years ago
thanx so much for adding my set to your lovely collection :)


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