YAY. Hi everyone...I am glad I am still alive and I really hope you all are too. But if the world really did end, I had a plan. I would jump to Mars on a giant trampoline. And then I will go live with the martians. They can be my friends :) And everyone I hate is banned from there because then I will be the martian queen. But you guys wouldn't banned because you all are amazing people!! :D

But anyways. School is finally over for Christmas break!!! So I will be catching up on everyone's sets very soon!! OH and is anyone like super happy about the new feature on Polyvore where you can use items from your collections or collections you liked?! I am super happy because I am always inspired by pictures in collection. and Now I don't have to save fifty million items a day. THANKS for being amazing, @polyvore. :)))

Last night, we got some snow over here!!! I was so happy!! Sort of. I'm really hoping for a white Christmas!!! Also I will be making a Tumblr soon so if you have any ideas for a username, be sure to let me know...thanks!! And I am so SICK of cupcakes, cookies, candy canes, etc. In my math class we had a cupcake bake-off so I've had like three cupcakes a day....all week!! OH and I also suck at baking cupcakes. and I also want a beanie.

Tomorrow I don't know if I will be on very much because I will be going to Chicago to be doing some last minute Christmas shopping. I am very excited!!! I live very close to Chicago but I've never had the opportunity to go shopping there. SO tomorrow I will be able to and I'm so excited!!

Goodbye! I hope you all have an adventurous weekend. 
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