Land Forbidden: The Northern Kingdom 2

Dress and Custom:
The Northern Kingdom is known for its unusual stone mountains which are almost completely devoid of plant and animal life and lowland bamboo forests. The Royal Family resides at the center of the mountains on the highest of the Stone Hills in a compound that sits on top of the Meohathe River, the central river of the Northern Kingdom which is named after the planet.

While the NK is known for it's intemperate coldness, no snow falls there and the cold is dry and bitter to those not used to the climate. However those native to the continent know to make use of the many underground hot springs to stay warm and keep from drying out in the constant top-land wind. The people of this region are also known for their stone architecture. Few outside of the kingdom know how it remains self-sufficient without much agriculture or products worth exporting but somehow the NK remains the Meohathe's most powerful kingdom.


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