Landon Nicolson [GNY]

Girls Of New York
Name: Landon Nicolson
Age: 23
Likes: cigarettes, his bike, his family, his nikon and jeans
Dislikes: his soon to be ex wife, high maintence women, suits, models
Bio: Landon never thought he would end up at Vogue. Especially since he pretty much despises fashion and everything that goes along with it, mostly because of his soon to be ex-wife. It's the typical photographer and beautiful model story where they met on set and fell in love, except she cheated and now they hate each other. All he thinks of models are that they are shallow materialistic women and promises himself that he will never fall for another one. The only problem is, is that all he'll be doing at Vogue is interacting with models, but Landon knows he has to do whatever he can to put money in his wallet.
Job: photographer
Relationship Status: Soon to be divorced
Model: Sean O'Pry
Storyboard/Collection: It'll be up tomorrow
Taken by: @nadia

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