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My dear Ludmilla! This is an early happy birthday to you! I know your birthday isn't until July 13, but I am going to be away a bit because my sister is coming to visit for a week. I did not want to miss it! I celebrate you as a teacher on Polyvore, sharing your country's history, folk tales, and your gorgeous "language of flowers" birthday sets that delight us all so much! I celebrate your love of animals, talent, and kind and generous personality. Hooray for you! And Happy Birthday! Love!


Wrote three years ago
wow, so unique, so gorgeous

Wrote three years ago
amazing combo..please add this set in my jeffrey campbell contest... i will be grateful! see my page :)

Wrote three years ago
darling this is SPECTACULAR, wow, i have missed your profile sooooo !!!!!!! it simply takes my breath away !!!!!

Wrote three years ago
lovely styling!!! :)

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
wow so lovely! gorgeous dress and purse!

Wrote three years ago
So pretty :-)

Wrote three years ago
❤❤❤ Hello sweetie, i just had a look at all your latest set and wowowowowowowwow what a most wonderful experience, it's such a delight to look at hem ! ! ! You are sooooooooo talented and creative ...........i hope you have enjoyed your sisters visit very much my dear , i'm sure you did......... i'm busy as always so trie to catch up a little now , much love and kisses , ( i've told my sister Nadine about your amazing sets , sure she will come and visid your side soon ) xxxxxxxxxxxx ❤❤❤

Wrote three years ago
great items and color mix!

Wrote three years ago
Delicate and exquisite!!!

Wrote three years ago
What a great idea, to give our "flower girl" Ludmilla a set filled with flowers! Love the Gaultier blouse... it is perfect with the Ungaro lace-trim skirt. Those Jeffrey Campbell shoes are interesting... imagine if a bunch of us were to meet and all wear them! We'd sound like a parade of horses!!

Wrote three years ago
Stunning set!!

Wrote three years ago
♥ Beautiful set my dear!! ♥

Wrote three years ago
This is so stunning, wow!!!!
Love this dress and the skirt, such a wonderful combination, I adore it! Thought it was a dress at first! :))) Love the leather jacket, it looks so cool!!! And those shoes as well!!! Loving the picture of the model and the background you made looks so lovely!!!! Oh and I just spotted that Romeo and Juliet quote!! I love that quote btw, my favourite!!!
Anyways, such a lovely gift for a friend!!!! Hope your well :)))))))))))) xxx

Wrote three years ago
stunning :D

Wrote three years ago
fab set dear!!!

Wrote three years ago
Very pretty!!

Wrote three years ago
Exquisite, exotic and super sweet!!!!! I love the fab shirt with the skirt and White biker jacket.
The shoes and accessories rock!!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
i love this summer set !!!!!!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
this is a stunning set!!!! cant believe I missed it,,,,, Those shoes are spectacular!!!