Monday: Luke's sister is allowing us to borrow her apartment for the Fourth of July. We have beach access, lots of food and a terrace just for us. Wear you're cutest bikini because you can bet we'll be out playing soccer and volleyball in the hot sand. When the sun sets we'll be watching the fireworks go off, and I'm not just talking about in the sky.
I look over at the perfect moment to see Kylie making out with Luke. Tounges are flying everywhere, and Kylie has a glimmer of a smirk playing on her lips. The guys hooted, and all the girls grinned. Well, except for Nadia that is. She was furious, and looked like she wanted to throw her clutch across the room, and perhaps slap Kylie in the process.

My eyes glaze over to Nate, who is simply just staring at Ara. If Kylie was able to snag the guy she liked, why won't I have the same luck? 

Strutting my way over to Nate, I sit down beside him. 

"Oh, hey Sima." He glances over at me carelessly, going back to observing the scene. And Ara.

Then, at the perfect moment, the fireworks go off.

I look over at Nate, and he looks over at me, his eyebrows up. I take a risk, lean in and kiss him on the lips. He kisses back, until the wheels in his head turn and he realizes what he's doing, so he pulls back.

"Nate?" I ask over the firworks, and I think he was only able to read my lips.

"I'm sorry Sima, I shouldn't have kissed back..." He says quite loudly, trying to get me to hear.

"But why? There isn't anything wrong with me, right?" I asked insecurly.

"No! Its just that I like Ara!" He yelled out, as the fireworks ended. Everyone turned and stared at us. Nate's cheeks blushed red, and I could't help but wince in pain. Pain of being rejected, in front of /everyone/.

Ara's mouth dropped open, and her eyes fixed from Nate to mine. I jumped up, fast walking to the bathroom. Pulling open the door, I walked in, leaning against the sink. A young teenage girl came out of one of the stalls, her eyes peering at me like I was some fucking science experiment.

"What the fuck do you want? Stop staring at me you skinny twat." I bitched at the girl, who blushed, and walked out quickly without even washing her hands. Gross...

Yumie, Ara and Carine walk in, staring at me. 

"What?" I asked rudely, fumbling with my bag. I pulled out my lipstick, rubbing its redish color on my lips.

"I didn't know that Nate, and then you. And, I'm sorry." Tears welled up in Ara's eyes, and I looked at her in the mirror. I hated getting all mushy and shit, but seeing Ara made me break down.

"Its okay, baby girl." I opened my hairs in for a hug, and she came in, squeezing me tightly. Everything about this felt so... fake. I was still pissed, trying not to show it.

"AAWWWW! GROUP HUG!" Yumie laughed, coming in. Carine came in awkwardly as well, and Ara giggled. After letting go, I frowned.

"I should go, I need some air. I'll see you girls tomorrow, no?" I said, and they nodded in a line.

"Okay chicas," I said, walking out in front of them, and out the door, holding my chin up high, though I wanted to duck out the door. I made sure I didn't bump into anyone, instead I hopped into my car, and drove off into the night.

I didn't feel like going home just yet. Instead, I went to the store, buying what I needed.

Fumbling with it outside, I put it in my mouth, and then let out a long stream of smoke. This was the first time I've ever smoked, and it felt so fucking good.



obviously no one knowss, and sima isnt going to turn into some druggie, she's just letting off the edge ;)
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