I roll my over, only to find myself falling on the ground. I groan once I hit the floor, sitting up rather unamused. I look around only to realize I'm not in my apartment, and had probably fallen asleep on my bandmate's couch.

I sigh heavily, getting up. "Dammit, Jay! I told you not to let me fall asleep!" I call out as I sit back on his couch.

Jay laughs from the other room, "Aaw, sleeping beauty is awake."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." I say, laughing some as I roll my eyes. "But seriously... wake me up next time I fall asleep on your couch, okay?"

"You just looked so peaceful, dude, I didn't have the heart to do it." He says, laughing before plopping himself down in his big comfy 'thinking' chair, as he so lovingly called it.

"Well, you have my permission to destroy that peace." I say, rubbing my eyes some. I guess I had been sleepier than I had thought. I went over to Jay's place to work on some new stuff, and I guess I dozed off. 

"Mm, I'll keep that in mind." He says, making a face at me. "Buuut while you were snoozing, your phone went off a few times."

"And you didn't look? How shocking."

"I never said that. I just didn't reply as you. That'd be a breech of privacy and trust." He says, laughing. 

"Aaw, how considerate of you." I say, laughing as well, waiting before I reach for my phone. I type in my lock screen code, and quickly check my messages. I smile some when I see I have an unread text from Isabella.

Isabella was his girl i had hooked up with a month or so ago. As cliche as it sounds for a musician, but we met after a show. She had no idea who I was, even though she had just seen my band play. I'm not vain or narcissistic or anything, and I don't care if people recognize me. But it was cute... /she/ was cute. I felt a really strong connection with her, and I'm really glad we had kept in touch since that night.

I click the message, smiling some when I read her text.

'Hey you. Anne's blasting your music right now. Made me think of you. :)'

I smile a bit more. She was thinking of me, huh? Hopefully she wouldn't mind seeing me.

"Hey, Jay... do you mind rescheduling this whole working on music thing?" I ask, looking at him.

Jay laughs some, "We weren't getting anywhere anyways. And 'm going out soon." He pauses, smirking. "And /you/ look like you're about to make plans."

"There it is!" say, laughing as I get up. "i'll catch up with you later." I say, clapping him on the back before I head out of his apartment. Once on the street, I dial Isabella's number, bringing the phone to my ear.

I make my way towards my apartment, listening to the ringing on the other end. Hopefully she'd pick up.

[aaand insert Isabella and/or Anne answering her phone here?]
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