I finally brought myself to tryout for another RP. Hooray!

{evan mae fairchild} fifteen.
Evan is all leather and lace. With her love of fashion and music, she would love to be exactly like her idol, Madonna. She's way into the "girl power" movement, but inside she's a true hopeless romantic. Even though she's a huge party-giver, Evan's love life leaves much to be desired. Most of her nights are spent curled up with a copy of The Breakfast Club and a pint of coffee ice cream. Her goal at EPA is to become liked by one and all, especially the boys. With her sculpted body and devil-may-care attitude, this girl is destined for party-girl heaven. But at what cost?
// Doutzen Kroes
likes: cross necklaces, half gloves, older men, mixed drinks, boys who bring her roses

1//evan mae fairchild.
2//jessica lorraine renwick.
3//eloise bethany fleisherman.

I cut around the campus lawn to run to my dorm room, the straps of my bag hanging so long as to be dragging on the grass. The grass was damp and my Doc Martens slid, sending my flying into the arms of someone who appeared to be in their middle twenties... Don't ask. I'm just good with ages and stuff like that.

I tried to straighten myself out, tugging at the edges of my lace dress, thankful, though, that I had had the good sense to put the leather top on this morning, otherwise I would have popped out of my dress. "Sorry. I-- I'm a little late. I was supposed to meet--" I started to babble, unable to voice the excuses as they popped into my head.

"It's no problem. Just be a little more careful next time," said the man. "As a teacher, the next time this happens, I'll have to give you a detention."

I nodded. "Sorry," I replied, my hands suddenly itching for a grape Jolly Rancher stick to occupy myself with. Wow. He had nice eyes.

"No problem. Just don't let it happen again..."

"Evan Mae Fairchild," I blurted out. "But I go by Evan, usually."

He laughed. "Don't let it happen again, Evan," he reiterated before leaving me alone on the grass.

I waited a long moment before reaching into my bag and digging around. No Jolly Rancher stick. Sighing, I dragged myself back to my dorm and flopped on my bed. 

Well, time for another movie night by myself.


i kind of love this character all of the sudden. and this roleplay. :D
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