(I don't think there are enough interracial 1D Imagines, so I think I'm going to try and write some more often. I love requests by the way, please send me some.)

You were a big pill to swallow for the Elounor-loving Directioners. After six months of being single since Eleanor, Louis had been spotted out and about with you in New York City. You had received a lot of (racist) Twitter hate almost immediately, from people who claimed you weren't as "classy" as Eleanor, but you knew what it was really about. For the fans that didn't blatantly hate on you instead expressed their belief that you and Louis wouldn't last long. You tried to ignore it.

After seeing how down you were feeling and trying to confront Twitter bullies a few times, Louis decided to try and take out on a night date to cheer you up. "There's probably going to be a lot of paparazzi," he warned you as he took your hand before you left your apartment, "just letting you know."

Surprisingly, the two of you managed to spend a good portion of your date without getting seen. "Where are all those paparazzi, huh?" You teased.

"Whatever! I'll bet they'll find us soon." Louis gave a characteristically sassy reply. Squeezing his hand once more time before you left a diner, you two walked along on the street, chatting and teasing each other. Finally, a paparazzo emerged from behind a car and started snapping photos.

"Ha!" Louis grinned. "Look at that! Told you that someone would be out here."

"Whatever, man. It's only one dude and he's probably just wondering where Harry is." You whispered to Louis, placing your chin on his shoulder. 

The paparazzo didn't hear you, but he yelled out, "Louis! Louis! Where's Harry? Is it true that he's dating Taylor Swift?"

You burst out into laughter as Louis rolled his eyes, ignoring the questions while trying to quietly reassure himself of his greatness. The pictures were later released on some media websites of you two looking cute and laughing, and you eventually earned your own fandom of people who actually thought you and Louis looked cute together!

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