Late Summer Blues or Ducky is Rather Sick of Pastels So She Made This, I think.

[Late summer in the fashion world happens in late spring. Weird, right?]
Imagine. You're the middle of this Southern California Desert, in a mission-style mansion home oasis with palm trees for a fence.You're wearing this flowing maxi dress, sheer expect where it's proper to not be, and it whips around you in the hot wind as you wait on your roof top pool. The turquoise waters ripple, and you stand stark against the white clay. In the distance, the desert is more powerful than you'll ever be. The sky is opening up, swirling in the grey-purple, tinged with the brown of the not-so-far off LA fires and making whirlpools, threatening dry lightening, and thunder.
It never rains.
This is what you wore.
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Two comments

Wrote two years ago
Hi, can I share your clothing that you have in this imaginary world that I would like and this is a great sentence.

Wrote two years ago
You're perfect Ducky.


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