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  • Cause if you want to keep me, you gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder And if you really need me, you gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder Gotta love me harder Love me, love me, love me Harder, harder, harder
  • When I wake up I’m afraid, somebody else might take my place,paid that money, fake that dummy, ache my tummy On the fence, all the time Paid junk honey, face so sunny, ain’t that funny All my friends always lie to me I know they’re thinking
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  • SO TRUE!!!
  • What I'm Wearing When I get My Pixie Cut!!!!!
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  • All the time I have layed in your love When your love kept me safe through the night All the time I was sure you were mine And before time demands our goodbye Can you sing me a last lullaby?
  • 20, keep the bar rolling Fake ID’s and the trash we going straight to the top Rooftop closed with a handful of girls and they all so foreign Brain so poisoned, rainbows flowing Light skinned chick first flight from Poland
  • Last name ever First name greatest Like a sprained ankle boy I ain't nothing to play with Started off local but thanks to all the haters I know G4 pilots on a first name basis In your city faded off the brown, Nino She insists she got more class, we know
  • What's the move? Can I tell truth? If I was doing this for you Then I have nothing left to prove, nah This for me, though I'm just tryna stay alive and take care of my people And they don't have no award for that Trophies, trophies

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