Lauren Conrad Supports Adopt a Shelter Dog Month With a New Puppy!
  • Best Friends
    What's there to say? Zoë is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • Jack the German Shepherd
    My name is Jack Sparrow, but most people call me Jack. I like to run outside, do tricks for treats, and play with my toys, but my favorite thing is chewing on Mommy and Daddy's toes. My ears are start
  • telegantmess: Image description: A close up...
    telegantmess: “ Image description: A close up frontal shot of a black kitten with green eyes and HUGE pupils. ”
  • Furry Friday… Puppy Mills Awareness Month! Gypsy Luster
    {All photos via: Pinterest & Terribly Cute} Look at these adorable faces... now imagine rooms full of them in filthy crates, bleeding paws, infected and inflamed eyes, matted fur and itchy skin...
  • Trigger the Golden Retriever
    Trigger is a puppy you only get gifted with once in a lifetime. He's a joy to be with. He's got these puppy eyes that will melt your heart! He's a fast learner and is always ready for anything. He alw