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WOAH, i think a barbie threw up on this set, pink. ftw. 

MONDAY. JULY 11TH: Welcome back to Huntington Beach! And for those newbies, welcome to our amazing city anyway. Today we are going to Starbucks early in the morning for a brunch. We spent a lot of time away from each other, so I'm sure that you have a lot to tell!

part one; (:
part two;
part three; the one you are about to read :D 

Oliver was congratulated my "loving" dad for about the tenth time. "Thank you, but it //really// wasn't such a big deal, I mean at least mom isn't hurt." 

This sends Jessica into a horrid fit of giggles, with her touching my dads arm, basically sitting on his lap might I add. 

Stella groaned into her napkin, before sitting up rapidly, "You know what I was thinking Oliver? You would be just a //perfect// boyfriend for one of my old friends. I should get you two together. asap." 

Oliver looks like he's about to choke on his water, which I might just be happy if he does, he's always sucking up to my dad. 

'ooooh this, ooooh that.' like seriously no one could give two shi.ts...except for my dad obviously. 

"Sorry, Stella bear, but I'm perfectly fine with Willa, actually, I hope both of you don't mind but I invited her over later." 

Stella fake laughs and smirks, "Huh, thats really funny Oli-kins, this must be a news flash to you, but Willa isn't best on the market. One day she will just slip out of your fingers, probably drunk and stoned." Stella says the last part sharply like cutting knifes with her voice. 

Some bystanders at the harbor look up from their menu and shoot Stella a look before realizing who //we// were. Well, who stella was. 

emphasis on the WAS. she can't just come back and act like nothing has changed, this //will// be my chance to prove myself. Stella has had so many mistakes, at least one will come back and bite her in the as.s. 

Oliver makes a sound from the bottom of his throat, "And you, Stella? Everyone has just been dying to meet Miles, what is he again? The non-alcoholic, or so Willa has told me." 

"Tomorrow night. seven on the dot you'll meet him. Try not to get jealous Oliver, you //know// you aren't good looking if your dating little miss ugly willa." Stella pouts at him, before snapping out her chair. 

"Bye dad, I have some catching up to do." Stella calls out before leaving. 

Oliver nudges me from the side, "Is she always such a b.itch?" 

"Oh, so you've noticed." I roll my eyes before slumping further into my seat. I needed to do something tragic, stat. 

xo lauren
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