lauren's twenty set challenge ♡

everybody seems to be doing set challenges, so i've decided to do my own twenty set challenge.
if you would like to do this, then please tag me in every set you make & also comment if you do this below. thanks! :)
  • battle of the babes mini contest // i could be the one to make you feel that way, i could be the one to set you free ♡
    "Day One // Make a scrapbook-style set introducing yourself. Tell me all about you." — @heartbreakmotel
  • Moni's tumblr
    More info
    "Day Two // Include a picture of your ultimate style inspiration. In the description tell me why they're your inspiration." — @heartbreakmotel
  • battle of the disney darlings // keep your head up, keep your heart strong ♡
    "Day Three // Make a set in your favourite colour scheme." — @heartbreakmotel
  • confused
    More info
    "Day Four // Include a tropical style picture." — @heartbreakmotel
    my names ruby instagram:@rubywave browsing
  • Tropical Summer
    More info
    "Day Five // Include a picture of your favourite animal." — @heartbreakmotel
    Hey :) I'm Sarah, 18 and from Germany. I love the jungle, everything tropical and colorful and the...
  • Tumblr
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    "Day Six // Include a picture of food/drink." — @heartbreakmotel
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  • All the world is made of Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust
    More info
    "Day Seven // Include your all-time favourite quote." — @heartbreakmotel
    My name is Ashlyn and I am twenty years young. I believe that magic is all around us and I believe...
  • Tumblr
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    "Day Eight // Include pictures of your favourite youtubers." — @heartbreakmotel
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  • The wonderful world of Disney
    More info
    "Day Nine // Include a picture of a disney character you think you are most like." — @heartbreakmotel
  • Writing On The Wall Jacket
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Day Ten // Include a edgy, unique outfit. It doesn't have to be a nastygal model." — @heartbreakmotel
    Amazing brown textured vintage jacket featuring an abstract ivory print and oversized fit. Button down, front pockets. Looks rad paired with a high waist leather pants and bold lips! Measurements The Details. Length: 32" Circa: 80s Label: Unmarked. Marked Size: Unmarked. Estimated Size: S/M. Color: Brown. Fabric: Unmarked. Condition: Good vintage condition.
  • Caricaturas de One Direction PNG
    More info
    "Day Eleven // Include a 1d doodle." — @heartbreakmotel
  • ☯ ☯ ☯
    More info
    "Day Twelve // Include a picture from your favourite tv show with writing on the bottom." — @heartbreakmotel
    hi i'm maddie and my obsessions include attractive male celebrities, foreign countries, and loud music.
  • Fresh and Health
    More info
    "Day Thirteen // Use some sort of fruit filler." — @heartbreakmotel
    There are always controversies surrounding coconut oil effects for health, whether it's good or bad. WHO and American Food and Drug Administration, along with
  • Louis Tomlinson
    More info
    "Day Fourteen // Include a picture of your favourite member of 1d." — @heartbreakmotel
    SUPERMAN, I like girls who eat carrots, She's mine, ahhh the light, I'm a song, No Jimmy protested....Louis Tomlinson
  • pastel | Tumblr
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    "Day Fifteen // Make a pastel goth style set." — @heartbreakmotel
  • une belle vie
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    "Day Sixteen // Include a picture of an hairstyle you would like to have." — @heartbreakmotel
    But I think beautiful is simple and elegant. My name is Aly. Im 16 and i'm girly girl. I'm the girl...
  • whats cookin good lookin
    More info
    "Day Seventeen // Include a picture of a sitemodel." — @heartbreakmotel
  • ...and that's who I am.
    More info
    "Day Eighteen // Include a just girly things picture." — @heartbreakmotel
    What makes you, you? I don't own any of the photos. If you want a picture credited or taken down, just message me. since October 2, 2012. on now
  • photo
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    "Day Nineteen // Include pictures clipped from your favourite tumblr blog." — @heartbreakmotel
  • i hope my last breath is a sigh of relief
    "Day Twenty // Make one of these style sets." — @heartbreakmotel

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