I was tagged by @dragongirl142 in her sweet set:
(I have another tag with him and will make another set, don't worry ^^ I didn't forget it!)

1. Make a set for the person you are tagged with.
2.Write why you love that person who you are tagged with.
3. Tag other people with their biases.

Because I didn't really watch the teasers as soon as they came out, first I saw him on the teaser pictures. He caught my eyes because he looked kind of mysterious for me :D (And handsome of course especially because he still had his longer hair on the photos xD)
And then I watched the teaser with him and dang: HIS DANCING IS FLAWLESS! I am in love with his moves, they are so smooth and ksadahskd xD

But now that they debuted and had few interviews and more and more pre-debut Yixing video pops up I just can't stop falling in love with him more and more! :) 

He looks like a really nice person who put others before him, also he is really funny - on his own way xD - and I really hope his "diva" side will come out soon! ^^ I wanna see "Nobody" again xD

And there are many many more reason why he is my bias but I am pretty sure you don't care :P

I tag: (I forgot it xD)
@chomiczynka T.O.P or if you got him already then Gongchan
@hellounicorn Karam
@maybones Minhyuk! :P

(Sorry girls that I still haven't written anything for Seoul-mate but I am still sick and have a headache...I can't believe it T__T I could write like three lines in 4 days! xD)
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