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if i die young_the band perry 
THIS SONG IS SWAGx69 !!!11!1

okay uhm i am stressed squared. for the next two weeks, i have a midterm EVERYDAY. funfunfun, but at least i have this three day weekend to unwind(: ♥ ugh, but like i was getting a massage & the lady was like, "wow, you're like a rock!" and i was like, YOU DON'T SAY...

well haha. OH & I TAUGHT BERTHA // whatever her actual name is HOW TO BEG. thassit.
 har har its THE most adorable thing you would ever see (': i swear dis dog makes me faint everytime i see her ugh haha cutie patootie

oh and uh jake is taking me on a 'surprise date' tomorrow. and i asked him what i should wear and he was like, "nothing. kitten (aka kidding) dress casual and comfy" WHAT DOES THIS MEANN... so im thinking just dark hcojeggings, a loose white top with lace sleeves, a leopard belt and leather ankle bootiesss(: HMMM...

oh and my dad wants me to start planning my sweetie 16! but i was like uh dad its january... i still have like 40 years chill hahar but i should get on dat soon... DECISIONS, DECISIONS(: but like i dont want a hugeee party though so i dont really knoww/:

loose nautical tank top h&m
black blazer tjmaxx
black under armor leggings
leather ankle booties nordstrom
layered assorted necklaces

pceout girlscout ♥
au revoir
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