What's your favorite name for a girl?
Mia-Julie, Isabella, 
What's your favorite name for a boy?
James Robert, Julian, 
Do you like coke or pepsi?
I like both, but Coke is better.<3
Have you read Twilight?

What does your car smell like?
Our car smells like Vanilla (:
Have you ever eaten a marshmallow burnt?
Do you have a gerbil?
Never have and never will :b
Are you afraid of airplanes?
I have respect of Flying.
What gives you goosebumps?
When i'm hearing a good song or someone who has a good singing voice and of course when i'm freezing.
Who is your favorite character on TV?
Stefan Salvatore ha ha! <3
Why did you take this survey?
Because it seems like fun & i was tagged by someone lovely called @auby.xx
Do you like ice cream?
Oh yeees, of course (:
Have you been to an arcade before?

What is your favorite song?
At the Moment: Flo Rida - Good Feeling & i love the stuff from Cobra Starship.
What is your least favorite movie?
My Least? Puh. Don't know. 
When do you think the world will end?
Not until i'm dead :b
Do you think cheesy jokes are funny?
Do you like texting or calling?
Texting is cool, but i like calling much more, its better for serious conversations and so on (:
Have you ever online dated?
Whose the last person you hugged?
My Grandma.♥
Do you believe Wikipedia is always right?
No, never!
Do you like bulldogs?
Not really, no.
Have you ever eaten a corndog?
What's your favorite article of clothing?
My black Highheels i guess (:

Do you like classical music?
Is your grandma still alive?
One, yes.<3
What's your favorite video on Youtube?
There are many good videos.

Do you have a friend named Buddy?
Haha no!
Why are people weird?
Because thats their personality, some people are weird, some not or some are weird in a good way (:
Do you know what TTFN stands for?
What? :b
What's your pets middle name?
He don't have a middle name, he's a cat, he don't need one.
Have you ever dated 2 people at one time?
Have you ever sniffed someone's hair secretly?
Ew, no :D
Do you have a T.V in your room?
YES! <3
How long can you go without electronics?
Some days, maybe a week and when i have to, i could live without everything thats electronic, because there are more important things in the world, than computers or cellphones (:
What are your siblings names?
Are you bored right now?
No, because i watch Home Alone 2: Lost in New York' together with my Mum.♥
What do you love to dream about?
Places i wanna go, driving, mens (: 

Are you answering these questions with false answers or true? 
With true answers, otherwise i wouldn't do it,
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