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What You'll Need :
base & top coat
dark pink nail polish
medium pink nail polish
light pink nail polish
reinforcement stickers

O1. Start with either your darkest pink or lightest pink. Try to use colors that have good coverage with just one coat because you want this layer to dry completely before the next step.

O2. Put 2 reinforcement stickers together and place them towards the bottom of your nails. You are going to do this twice so look at your nail and cover 1/3 each time. You want to make room for all 3 of the colors for the final look.

O3. Paint your medium color. If possible just paint 1 coat, you will also want this to dry completely before placing stickers on your nails again. Use quick drying nail polish for the first and middle layers.

O4. Remove the stickers when the paint has dried with your medium shade. Waiting for it to dry is important because removing the sticker too soon will cause the nail polish to smear and not have clean lines!

O5. Now repeat steps 2 & 3 this time using either your darkest pink or lightest pink.

O6. Remove the stickers once that layer has dried and check out those nails!!! At first they may look choppy and layered but once your apply your top coat it will even out and complete the look on your nails. Plus putting stickers on your nails can dull your color some so this also helps your colors be bright and shiny again.

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