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Part II

✿ Favorite color?
- Black.
✿ Favorite food?
- Italian and Chinese.

✿ Last thing you ate?
- Kellogg's Special K.

✿ First thing you ate this morning?
- Coconut biscuits.

✿ Ever won a competition?
- Yes. 

✿ Been suspended/expelled?
- No.

✿ Been arrested?
- Not yet..
✿ Are you hungry right now?
- I'm craving something sweet.

✿ Facebook or Twitter?
- Polyvore.

✿ Twitter or Tumblr?
- Pinterest.

✿ Are you watching tv right now?
- No.
✿ What color are your towels?
- Off-white. 

✿ How many pillows do you sleep with?
- Two and sometimes one is enough.
✿ Favorite animal?
- Dogs and turtles.

✿ Chocolate or vanilla?
- Chocolate AND vanilla. 

✿ Favorite ice cream flavor?
- Nothing beats vanilla when it comes to ice cream. 

✿ What color shirt are you wearing?
- Grey.

✿ What color bottoms?
- Pink and purple.

✿ Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?
- There is a list but not atm.

✿ Have any pets?
- Used to.

Anybody who's still reading is invited to copy those questions and do a similar thing. Please tag me so I can see your answers. Xx

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