This set has been sleeping in my drafts for a while and it's time to wake it up / set it free / let it go.



▫ Favorite animals: 
- Dogs and turtles.
▫ What color do you wear most: 
- Black and mostly darks.

▫ What are you listening to: 
- Nothing right now, but my most recent addiction is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. 

▫ What is your favorite class in school: 
- I used to like English and Biology the most.

▫ When do you start back in school: 
- I’m done with school nearly a decade ago. I feel old hehe.

▫ Are you outgoing: 
- No, I’m socially awkward and not a people’s person in real life.
▫ Can you dance: 
- Not in public, and it’s usually stupid, just for fun.
▫ Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth: 
- I've never actually tried.

▫ Can you whistle: 
- Barely audible.
▫ Cross your eyes: 
- Who can’t?


▫ Do you believe there is life on other planets: 
- I believe there is some sort of primitive life, not like humans/mammals/etc.. and definitely no aliens like the ones we see in Sci-Fi movies.

▫ Do you believe in magic: 
- Yes.

▫ Love at first sight:
- No.

▫ Do you like roller coasters: 
- Yes, but it’s been a very long time since I went on a ride.

▫ What was the last thing you bought: 
- A pair of grayish black jeans.

▫ What was the last thing you watched on TV: 
- The Voice (Arab version).

▫ What is your current hair color: 
- Black. 

▫ Your eye color: 
- Brown.

▫ Short or long hair: 
- Long.
▫ Height: 
- 166 cm.


Anybody who's still reading is invited to copy those questions and do a similar thing. Please tag me so I can see your answers. Xx
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