Natasha Beddingfeild- Unwritten
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saturday the brew milan beer and music festival is coming to LBV. try over 50 different beers, cheer on the bikini contest and rock out to music from 30 seconds to mars
Keziah stepped back quickly when she was almost knocked over by a man rushing by to the stage for the bikini contest, the guy had obviously tried at least half the beers offered by his actions. At least she hoped that was the cause. She stumbled a bit in her heels, a wet spot on the floor likely from a spilled drink. Her blues widening, she was falling.
A strong hand caught her arm and the other braced against the small of her back, "Now what have I told you about the extra high heels?" Coulter's familiar voice spoke by her ear.
"They make my legs look smokin hot and to keep wearing them?" She laughed, resting her head against his chest, tipping it back to look to him.
He shook his head, "You need to watch where you're going. I won't always be around."
Her frosty blues roll, "Yes, boss. I'll remember that." She bit her lip, remembering her place, "Thanks, Coulter." She slowly turned around to face him, lightly pats his chest, "You're so nice to me."
"Should I really be any less?" He arched a brow, continuing, "Are you looking forward to the show?"
"Which one?.. The 30 Seconds to Mars or the leather and straw one?" She chuckled, a lot of the girls in bikinis were over-tanned and likely over-bleached as well.

“You seem to dislike the contest.” He smirked as she shrugged. 

“I'm just upset that waitresses can’t participate.” She winked at him, teasing for sure as she wouldn't dare climb on that stage for such stupid reasons. 

“I can sympathize with you.” He nodded agreeably. 

“There was a compliment hidden somewhere in that sentence, Coult.” Kez smirked and he shrugged. 

“Maybe I'm rewarding you for actually being on time for once?” The blond joked with her. “I was talking about the band by the way.” 

“The band I'm excited about. The bikini bimbettes and drunk guys puking beer? Not so much.” 

Coulter made a face. “If someone is to the point of puking the beer, you’re going to tell me so I can kick them out. I don’t need that in my club.” He shook his head.

Kez raised a brow, “Your club?” She asked, emphasizing the first word. 

“It’s all I care about at the moment, it’s as much mines as it is Noah’s in that sense.” 

“Tell me, are you only here because he’s your cousin?” She asked him, knowing of their relationship. 

He smirked and shook his head, “Nope. I'm only here because he’s my best friend.”

"Mm.. I see. And the waitresses have nothing to do with that?" She smirked, biting her bottom lip.
"Of course.." Reminding her, "And I just might love Milan."
"Right.. And it's also close to where your ex-wife lives. Bonus." She shook her head, her hand resting upon her hip as she looked up at him, "You're a sad case sometimes, Coulter. Just give her the divorce. Keep the dog and stay happy here."
"Now I'm a sad case?" He arched a brow, likely not expecting that. "We'll work things out.."
"Right.. And I will find a hundred dollar bill as a tip tonight." She rolled her icy blue eyes, setting her tray down on the bar top.
"It could happen.." He shrugged his broad shoulders, glancing to her to see the disbelief on her face, "Why not?"

“Um, because I'm not dreaming?” He laughed at the look on her face and raised an eyebrow. “It’s not unheard of, the clients here aren’t exactly hurting for cash.” 

Kez rolled her eyes. “The rich stay rich because their cheap, Coult. Everybody knows that.” 

He laughed and nodded. “Well then I guess that explains why I'm not rich.” 

Kez ran her hand through her hair. “I'm sure you’re not hurting that bad, Coult. Your top is Prada.” 

Coulter looked down at his button up and shrugged. “I got this as a gift.” He shrugged as he glanced at her top and Kez laughed. 

“Well that must be nice…..You’re staring at my boobs again. Finally decide the wife isn’t worth it?” 

The blond looked back up at her face, blushing. “No…sorry.” 

“Always apologizing for things that you didn’t do wrong…If it were me I’d say to dump that crazy, after the scene she caused on Monday.” 

“Gabby caused more of the scene then Melanie did…” He trailed off. 

“For good fu.cking reason….” Kez trailed off, his wife was a bit of a nut. Even though they were divorcing the woman thought she still had Coulter as her's.

“Enough about me. If you’re goingto talk instead of work at least talk about your own problems.” He smirked.

She crossed her arms over her chest as she tipped her head slightly, "I have no problems. My life is puppies, sunshine, and rainbows."
"Now I know you're lying." He rolled his eyes, leaning in a bit towards her.
"And how is that?" She shifted her arms to push up her breasts a bit, watching his eyes lower again then meet her gaze again.
"Your body language, Kez." He told her, arching a brow, "And stop using your boobs as a distraction.. I want to make sure you're ok."
She sighed, letting her arms fall back to her side before she tipped her head down. He likely expected tears and a sad confession to follow but instead she started to giggle, biting her bottom lip.
"What are you laughing about?" The blond reaching out to touch her cheek, getting her to lift her face.
A smile was upon her face, "You said boobs.. You're usually so proper, Coult. It was funny. Come on.. You really don't want to hear about my issues. You have plenty of your own. Besides.. If I don't laugh I'll probably end up somewhere in a ball crying." She said plainly, reaching up to brush his blond hair off his forehead.


She blinked innocently at him, watching him as he was quiet for the moment, “You look concerned Coult.” She pointed out, not really looking into his eyes.

He ran his hands through his hair and then blinked over at her. “Just be careful.” 

“Serving drinks?” ,she smirked at him and he shook his head. 

“No. Not just serving drinks.” He told her seriously, 

The brunette had hoped what happened between her and Noah was just between them, the club wasn't that big though.. Her icy blue eyes finally met his. “I'm a big girl Coult, I can handle myself. “ She spat seriously. 

“As long as I don’t find you in a ball somewhere crying then I believe you.” He smirked, trying to lighten the mood when she groaned. 

“How are you like this? How are you ….you?” 

Coulter blinked back at her, confused. “… am I me?” He questioned and she nodded. 

“Your whole life is going to sh.t and yet you still manage to have self-control around hundreds of women, presence of mind to do your job, and actual empathy for your employees and customers. You’re perfect. It’s fuc.king annoying.” It wasn't fair! She was holding herself together barely by wearing threads and he had it all together!

He widened his eyes at her. “I don’t know whether that’s a compliment or an insult…..” 

“It’s an insult.” She said back at him, almost cutting off my sentence. 

He nodded. “I will attempt to have less empathy for you.”

She bit her lip, had been too sharp with him, more than she intended. Kez simply wasn't used to people worrying about her. She picked back up her drink tray, gently tugs at the collar of his shirt to straighten it after coming a bit closer again, "I appreciate it.. Really, Coult."
"I just..don't want you hurt." He explained.
"I know.. I'm good though. I was just messing around with the crying bit. I don't cry." A small smile appearing upon her pretty face, patting his chest. "It's sweet of you though."
"I do try."
"Keep it up. Just watch it on the bordering on big brother protective.. I still like to pretend I have a chance if you and the little wife don't work out." She winked at him, back to the teasing as usual.

“Oh you do do you?” He smirked at her. 

“I do, though I think there’s a waiting list.” She nodded, smirking widely as he shook his head. 

“A waiting list huh?” 

“Yes sir, everyone wants a piece…..” She told him honestly, maybe even to get him to blush again. Biting her lip when he did then shook her head. “See?! Normal hot guys do not blush!” 

His face nearly as red as a tomato as he stared down at his shoes. 

Kez tilted his chin up with her finger and smiled. “This time it was a compliment.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek to reassure him.

He blinked, staring at her mouth as she pulled away, “Thanks….” He said awkwardly. 

She shrugged. “It’s the least I can do. You know if you didn’t keep me talking so much I’d work more.” 

“You’re right. I am a slacker. Back to the office for me.” He winked.

It was her turn to blush now with his wink, tucking her dark hair behind her ear, "Right. Back to work." Her fingertips drum against the tray she held.
"Go look for that hundred dollar tip." He chuckled, waving her off.
She walked back towards the floor again, swore she felt his eyes on her and not so surprisingly she didn't mind. Thank god she wore her tallest heels..
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