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I headed out the front door as my phone started ringing. I picked up my phone, "Hey Seb."
"Hey do you want to get lunch? We can go get a slice of pizza."
I sighed, "God, that sounds good, but I can't! I have to go to the studio to meet my new co-star and run lines. We start filming next week."
"They haven't told you who is it yet?"
I shook my head, walking downstairs to my car, "Nope, like it's some big secret."
"Alright, tell me how it goes later." He told me.
I stepped into my car and threw my purse in the passenger seat, "Okay. I'll talk to you later." I hung up and headed to the studio, the first person I saw was my manager.
"You're late!" She spazzed out.
I raised my brow, "No I'm not. You told me 10, its 9:45!"
She paused, "Oh. Well your co-star is here already, waiting, so I'm guessing he was eager to meet you." She smiled, "By the way, he is totally yummy and sexy."
I smirked, "At least I'll have some eye candy on this set."
"Oh god yes, extreme eye candy." She led me to a conference room, opening the door and the guy sitting there was not a stranger... It was Thomas... The guy I met at the gala!
My eyes widened and my throat went dry; not because he was there, but because he's fingers were intertwined with some... girl! Some girl that I had no idea who she was... He has a girlfriend? Funny, because when he's hand was on my a.ss that night, it seemed like he was single.
"Amelia, this is Thomas Harper, you're new co-star. Thomas this is Amelia Gates." My manager introduced me.
I had to pretend like it was nothing since his girlfriend and my manager were just standing there.
I held out my hand, "It's nice to meet you." I shook his hand and turned my attention towards his girlfriend, "And you are?"
"Carolyn, Thomas's girlfriend." She gave me a big smile, shaking my hand, "I'm going to go now, I have an audition. I was just waiting with Tom until you got here. Bye babe." She gave him a kiss, leaving.
"Now you two should get to know each other, get familiar because this movie is based on your love..." She smiled, "I need to go talk to his manager now."
She left, leaving the two of us and now I didn't know if I was angry or just humiliated. I took a seat across from him, "It's nice to meet you Thomas..." I took a deep breathe, "You know, for a second time."
He gave me a look, knowing he f*cked up...
"I'm sorry..."
"For hitting on me when you had a girlfriend?" I raised my brow at him.
“For lying about having a girlfriend.” He said.
“Good. You should feel sorry,” I folded my arms across my chest, completely annoyed.
He was silent, which was good, he shouldn’t argue with me; I was a pistol.
“Why’d you lie?” I looked at him because I was extremely disappointed. He seemed like a nice guy… yet he had a girlfriend.
He folded his hands on the table and sighed, “I liked you.” He said simply and he didn’t seem like he was lying.
“Really? So what, it doesn’t matter that you have a girlfriend and are in a committed relationship? That’s ridiculous,” I shook my head.
“It’s complicated…” Complicated? What the hell did that mean? Like some facebook status?
I raised my brow, “Is that it or are you going to explain?”
He sighed again, taking a big long pause, “I can’t.”
I started condescendingly laughing and shook my head, “Of course not. God, guys like you are such a joke.”
“Are you ready to rehearse?” He asked, trying to avoid talking about this anymore.
I glared at him, “Yes. I am nothing if I’m not professional.” I picked up my things and took the seat next to his, “You start.”
“Fine, how about when they declare their love for each other?” He suggested.
I nodded, “Sure, fine with me.” I turned to the page and turned towards him.
“Everything you say is bullsh*t, David.” I glared at him, realizing how this scene fit in the present time.
“It was for you… What can I do to make you see that?” He replied, in character, pushing back my hair.
“Nothing.” I shrugged, “Absolutely nothing. You betrayed me… You should have just told me the truth…” I swallowed.
“I’m f*cking sorry! Can’t you see that?!” He said, with more emotion this time.
“It’s not enough!”
“This,” He leaned over, kissing me deeply on the lips and then pulled away, but not before he made a big impression on me. I sat there shocked, as he continued, “Is not enough. You need to know I love you.”
“So you two are getting along nicely?” My manager spoke up with a smile followed by someone else, whom I assumed was Thomas’s manager…
I swallowed and pulled back, hoping he couldn’t tell that I was affected by his kiss.
I nodded, “Yeah,” I looked at him, realizing that all the problems there was needed to be put aside for the sake of the movie and I was professional enough to do it. I would get to know him, be a good actress and then when the end of this movie came it would all be over and Thomas Harper wouldn’t bother me anymore.
I looked at them and gave them a smile as Thomas nodded along.
“There’s food out there.” My manager pointed out as we both nodded standing up, “And the two of us are going to talk details while you two get to know each other better.” She winked as the two of them walked away.
I turned towards him, “How about we just forget about how we met and focus on the fact that we have a job to do and we’ll get to know each other?” I asked, making a compromise.
He nodded, “That sounds perfect to me.”
“Deal. Now let’s go get food. When did you get into acting?” I asked him, trying to get to know him.
“Well I always wanted to be in films and then after high school I went to a couple of auditions and then got parts in a movie or two and it all just blew up.” He said, filling his plate with food. I looked around and it was nothing but steamed chicken and veggies. I inwardly groaned, where were the carbs?
I pouted, replying, “After a couple of auditions you blew up? No small parts?” I looked at him kind of shocked, because that never happened. You had to work your a.ss off in this business and even then things didn’t work out.
He shrugged at me, “I got lucky I guess.” He said simply, heading back to the table after grabbing a water and a fork, “What about you Ms. Gates?”
I sat down beside him, “Unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky and I actually had to try a little harder, but I’m better off now so there’s no hard feelings.”
He started laughing, “You’re better off than me now? That’s a little cocky, isn’t it? And I think I do pretty well if I do say so myself.” I smirked, I was now one of the A-listers in this business and I didn’t need my father’s help on any of it.
I leaned towards him slightly, “A little cocky, maybe… but it’s the truth.”
“This isn’t a competition.” He said, like the typical guy who knew he would lose.
“And if it was I would win.” I shot back with a smirk before turning back to my plate, forking some food into my mouth.
“Don’t get bitter because I lied to you Amelia, it’s not a good look.” He told me and honestly I was over him lying about having a girlfriend… Guys lied, it was like engrained in their DNA, and Thomas was no different, even though he was a thousand times hotter than most guys. He was a liar, but still I couldn’t stop from flirting and talking to him; he was a charmer.
“We weren’t dating. I have nothing to be bitter about.” I glared at him as he smirked back.
“Except the fact that you can’t kiss me again even though after the first time it’s been all you’ve been able to think about?” He asked and I was a bit taken aback… I did enjoy the kiss, in fact it was one of the best kisses I had ever had, but I definitely didn’t want him to know that.
“Now who’s the cocky one?” I shrugged it off.
“I know I’m a good kisser…” He smirked, “Just like how I could tell you really enjoyed that kiss.”
He was right, I did, but I couldn’t let him have the upper hand, “Ha… I guess I’m an even better actress than I originally thought I was.” I smirked.
He narrowed his eyes at me and shook his head, “I know when someone is acting… and you my dear in that kiss, were not acting.”
“Don’t flatter yourself.” I rolled my eyes, turning back to my food, eating the chicken.
He smirked at me, “I get under your skin…”
“In a bad way.” I shook my head, but he shook his in response.
“No, you enjoy this… I think you’re glad that I’m your new co-star.”
He hit the nail right on the head… honestly, he was extremely good looking and I was aware of the sex scene that would have to be filmed soon… it wouldn’t be terrible to fake that with him.
“Now you’re talking crazy.” I smirked.
“Then why are you still talking to me?” He raised a brow.
“Because I want my paycheck to be high at the end of this movie.” I smirked, “And if we don’t have good chemistry then I won’t get paid well.” I winked.
“That’s the only reason you’re making nice? Money?” He leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms across his chest.
I shook my head, “Not the only reason. I take this very seriously. When I do something and when I want something, I go all in. I want to prove to those who doubt me that they’re wrong.” I shrugged, telling him honestly. Up until this point I was the funny gorgeous girl in the type of movies that Judd Apatow wrote and directed and I loved it, but I wanted more. Like every other actor I had the dream of getting an Oscar and I’m going to work my a.ss off to make sure that happened.
“You’re very headstrong.” He smiled at me.
“I know what I want in life and I’m not afraid to go get it…” I smirked. I had wanted him and usually I would fight for it, but he had a girlfriend… and I didn’t want to be known as a homewrecker. My career was more important than my sex life.
“Just not when it comes to me?” He teased with a smirk, forcing me to roll his eyes.
“I’d say no but I’m afraid if I turn you down again you’ll lose all your self-confidence.” I fake pouted at him.
“Don’t worry, your fake rejection isn’t bruising my confidence too much.” He grinned, making me laugh, “What’s so funny?”
I shook my head, “You’re ridiculous.” He was entirely too c*cky… but I couldn’t help but be extremely attracted to him. Like rip his clothes off and do him right here attracted to him.
“What’s ridiculous is that you’re pretending you’re not attracted to me all of a sudden.” He said, sitting up straight looking at me before looking at his plate of food.
I was attracted to him, but again he had a girlfriend and oddly I was almost jealous, even though I would never ever admit that to a single soul.
I stared at him as he looked back, “You have a girlfriend Thomas.” Basically saying if he didn’t I would have done him already.
“And that makes me unattractive?” He smirked and all I could think was god no, “Clearly you were interested in me… I don’t think me having a girlfriend would change that, just make me off limits.”
“Except for the fact that you lied about being single… therefore you’re an as.shole and I’m not very interested in a.ssholes.” I reminded him.
“I had my reasons for lying to you… it’s a lot more complicated than you think.” He said and I wanted to believe him, but it was hard considering the reasons he did he wouldn’t tell me.
“But you won’t tell me right? That’s an excuse if I’ve ever heard one.” I scoffed as he sighed.
“Fine, don’t believe me.”
“Why do you even care what I think about you anyway? You have a girlfriend and you definitely don’t have a chance with me. I’ll be civil to you for the sake of our jobs but don’t expect me to be your friend.” I couldn’t just be friends with him… I was too attracted to him.
He shrugged, “Maybe I want to be your friend.”
“Why?” I asked, raising my brow.
“Because I like you.”
“Too bad the feeling isn’t mutual.” I shrugged, looking away.
“So if I kissed you again, you would mind?” He smirked.
I nodded, “Yes, I would mind very much.”
“Yes! I would!” I raised my voice and he suddenly leaned over, kissing me more deeply.
His fingers threaded in my hair as his other hand reached around my back and pulled me in closer to him, deepening the kiss. His tongue slowly slipped into my mouth gently and I reciprocated massaging his tongue with mine.
He pulled away and I opened my eyes slowly, “Didn’t seem like you minded much there…” He smirked at me.
“You really should stop kissing me…” I breathed out, but I wanted nothing more than for him to kiss me again.
He leaned in, our faces centimeters apart, “Why?”
I blinked, “You have a girlfriend… even if you say that it’s not exactly what it seems...” I breathed out, hating that fact at the moment, “I’m sure she loves you and if you want the press to love you then you have to be a monogamous guy.”
“What if I didn’t have a girlfriend, what would you do?” He asked, ignoring my statement.
I shook my head, “That’s neither here nor there Thomas…”
He smirked, “You can deny it as much as you want but I know you want me. I knew the night I met you at the gala. The way you blushed when I complimented you…” His finger grazed my cheek, “If you don’t want to admit it, that’s fine, but I’ll know…”
“You keep telling yourself whatever you need to get through the night.” I gave him a condescending smile, pulling away from him and looking at my phone, “But I should go before you decide to kiss me anymore…”
He smirked again, “You know for this movie, I’m going to be kissing you a lot.”

I nodded, “I know… Bye Thomas.” I waved as I left, running into my manager on the way on.
“So what do you think? Yummy or what?” She grinned.
I nodded, “Definitely, too bad he’s in a relationship.”
She shrugged, “Who knows that might be over soon enough.” She winked walking off.
I stood there for a second, contemplating exactly what she meant by that…
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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
you will.. as your co-star tom
- amelia

Wrote 4 years ago
I know...
ps. I want to get to know you.

Wrote 4 years ago
you barely know me...
- amelia



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